Alter-Ego Art – Musicians Who Moonlight

Alter-Ego Art

Everybody has a hidden talent, why not those with other talents that we see every day?

Let’s take a look at some inspired work from musicians who like to paint pictures literally, as well as with their words and melodies.

Bob Dylan

It’s no news that ‘his Bobness’ is an accomplished artist as well as one of the most influential lyricists of the last century. Like his singing voice, his work is often the source of division amongst fans. Love it or hate it, there is no doubt that his work turns heads and sparks controversy be it with the easel and paintbrush or the notepad and pen.

Alter-Ego Art
Sunday Afternoon by Bob Dylan

Joni Mitchell

Not content with being a member of the folk aristocracy and releasing 19 albums over a career spanning 39 years, Joni now describes herself as ‘a painter first and a musician second’. With work in the past inspired by Van Gogh and Cezanne she keeps the majority of her work private.

Alter-Ego Art
Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell

Daniel Johnston

Although not strictly a moonlighter and the two mediums have come as a package Daniel Johnston is known more for just for being himself. Being a prolific songwriter and having his songs covered by the likes of Beck, Tom Waits and Teenage Fanclub he gained recognition in the early 1990’s when his hand-drawn album cover appeared on a T-Shirt, oh and that T-Shirt was being worn by Kurt Cobain (no biggie).

Alter-Ego Art
Daniel Johnston plays with his muse ‘Laurie’ on his mind

Paul McCartney

John Lennon was always the better known artist in The Beatles with his work around the Imagine era being highly documented. Paul McCartney has been well known to push himself to new creative limits throughout his career; be it with stretching a 4-track recorder to its logical limits with Sgt. Pepper’s, writing an Opera or even putting up with Kanye West for long enough to record a song with him. McCartney says that “I find is that I do it (paint) when I am inspired, and that’s how I can combine it with music. Some days the inspiration is a musical one and other days it has got to be painting”

Alter-Ego Art
Pintos In The Sky With Desert by Sir Paul McCartney

John Squire

The Stone Roses have and always will be associated with Jackson Pollock and his abstract, impressionist oil paintings. In a spat with an ex record label the ‘Roses’ once ended up in trouble with the law after deciding the make their point last by making it using tins of paint to cover the inside of the label headquarters. Moving into sculpture art for a period in the early 2000’s, guitarist John Squire has been working more on pattern work in recent years but holds a strong bond in the minds of fans with his Pollockesque Alter-Ego Art.

Alter-Ego Art
Made of Stone single artwork by John Squire

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Do You Have Your Own Hidden Artistic Talent?

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