Amazon Launches 3D Printing Marketplace With 3DLT

Images of 3D printers and supplies section on Amazon

Amazon is the one-stop shop for pretty much everything, order from the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered to your door. Known for listing a huge variety of items from groceries, teas and clothing to kids toys, tech, movies, beauty products and books — now you can search for, and buy 3D printed products!

amazon 3d printing

Amazon began selling 3D printers, supplies and peripherals during 2013, and as of January 2014 the online marketplace allowed 3D printers Sculpteo to sell 3D printed jewellery on the site.

3d printing

On the 7th of March 3DLT announced their own partnership with Amazon, launching 50 items to start with including funky ornaments, funky 3D Printed iPhone cases, glasses and desktop stationary which can be printed and shipped within 6-10 days.

Amazon 3D printing marketplace3DLT CEO, John Hauer, says “We’re excited by the potential of a partnership with Amazon. They’ve become an eCommerce juggernaut, in part due to their ability to capitalize on innovations like 3D printing,” adding, “When it was announced that Amazon would begin selling 3D printers and supplies last summer, the industry heralded it as a defining moment, a clear indication that 3D printing was going mainstream. We think the decision to sell 3D printed products sends an even bigger message. Consumer products are the next frontier.


  1. Looking forward to 3D printing taking over the world and hopefully people becoming more eco friendly as they only ever print on demand what they actually need. Hopefully 3D printing can call an end to landfill and waste materials.

  2. Everybody will have a 3-d printer in their house within the next 20 years and like mobile phones now wonder how we lived without them.

  3. Flash in the pan as far as I’m concerned.
    An expensive gimmick and will be forgotten about as soon as people realise that there’s no real point to it.

  4. I have yet to convinced of the value of 3D printing in retail, but I’m open minded about it. When I studied manufacturing engineering 20 years ago, 3D printed was the “next big thing”. It was touted then as a way of fairly quickly making prototypes without the need to manufacture all the expensive tooling. I still don’t see how it has really progressed, other than in becoming cheaper. I can, however, see the use in areas like surgery where one off made to measure components may be needed like in this pretty amazing article:

  5. I think these new printers will be put in the box of useless inventions like the Sinclair C5, Betamax Video’s and pizza scissors. I’d leave it to China to make cheap plastic pieces rather than invest hard earned money into a gimmick like this that will only be useful to certain type of industry, Personally I cannot see the potential in them.


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