15 Hilariously Bad Video Advertisements Featuring A Celebrity

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There’s cheesy and then there’s downright ridiculous – these celebrities should have turned to their agents and refused to feature in these bad adverts, just to save face.

Maybe it was cool back then, or maybe they were a bit strapped for cash, but if you are thinking of using a celebrity to advertise and endorse your business – be sure to make it red-faced free.  So take notes, this is NOT how its done.

featured image for awful celebrity video advertisements blog

1. Christiano Ronaldo For Facial Fitness PAO

This is a definite WTF moment. Ronaldo may just be about to become the most laughable footballer to walk this planet. What on Earth is that thing and why is he smiling about it? WHY?

2. Spice Girls For Tesco

So, the average shopper at Tesco in 2007 wore stiletto heels the height of Christmas Trees and had a weird phobia of being seen in public. Sorry girls, but this is just not spicing up our lives right now.

3. Robin Thicke For RadioShack Beats Pill

Jumping on the bandwagon here is RadioShack practically milking the hit-song Blurred Lines by Pharrell and Robin Thicke. We get the concept, but boy does this make us face-palm.

4. Jenson Button for Head & Shoulders

Jenson Button may just be the most attractive red-head on Formula One, but he sold his soul to Head & Shoulders, run by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Who in their right mind would think that being the face of a brand that helps people with dandruff problems was a good idea? At least, we assume, he’s flake-free for life.

5. Nicolas Cage For Sankyo

Compared to an advert for ‘anti-psychotic medication’, Nicolas Cage’s Japanese commercial was supposed to be endorsing an arcade machine company. We would have loved to be in the room when this was discussed AND accepted.

6. Miranda Kerr For Lipton Tea

She’s one of the world’s hottest women but reduced herself to this. The skirt is so short we’re amazed they managed to keep her gusset covered and, frankly, we feel sorry for her.

7. George Clooney For Daihatsu

Ok, we thought Mr. Clooney was supposed to be some kind of heartthrob? This video advertisement seems to have stripped George of his masculinity and rebranded him as some kind of stalker.

8. Brad Pitt For Toyota

Another sad case of a beautiful face being disgraced. Toyota, you are a great car manufacturer, but we highly doubt with all those millions of dollars sitting in Mr. Pitt’s piggy bank, he would be driving your JDM Corolla.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger For A Japanese Drink

Arnie here, demonstrating you can run California and make a complete plonker out of yourself in Japan without damaging any form of reputation or international relations.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio For Honda

Look at his cute, baby face. He may have never won an Oscar, but maybe there’s such a thing as a pity prize for this celebrity commercial?

11. Kerry Katona For Cash Lady

Following her publicised shame of becoming bankrupt, Kerry Katona should have done a full 180 degree turn and left the boardroom when this one was proposed. We can’t help but cringe and feel slightly irritated by this advert.

12. Uma Therman For Schweppes

The sensationally sassy Uma Therman seduces with Schweppes in this advert. If we were her agents, the weird face on the reporter would have been enough for us to have pressed a big, red button and pulled this off air immediately.

13. Ozzy Osbourne For I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Super cool, super-swearer Ozzy Osbourne loses all credibility with this one. Why did the advertising team seriously think that the Prince Of Darkness was the best choice to push sales of a healthy alternative to butter?

14. Gavin Henson For Brit Bingo

Gavin Henson is not one to be embarrassed easily (having featured on cringe-worthy Channel 5’s TV series ‘The Bachelor’ back in 2011), but this one takes the bingo biscuit. Rugby player Henson, unless a secret bingo-crazed-fanatic, is very unlikely to be chilling at home obsessively playing Brit Bingo.

15. Benicio Del Toro For Magnum Gold

Don’t be fooled by its cinematic, high-expense beginning. This IS (or is supposed to be) a TV commercial for Magnum Gold. We can literally feel the tens of thousands of action-hero fans’ disappointment once the vault door opens. Cringe.



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