Make Your Own Clothes with OpenKnit the Open Source Printer

OpenKnit let's you make a simple jumper in 1 hour


This is OpenKnit, an open-source digital fabrication tool that allows the user to create bespoke clothing from digital files, similar to those used in 3D printing.

You can make a simple jumper in around an hour, from raw material to yarn to knitwear! You should be able to put one of these together for around £500-600 giving you the power to make your own creative decisions, and responsibly assess the source of the materials.


Create and share your own designs with DoKnitYourself a website dedicated to all things homemade and woolly.


Check out the OpenKnit kit specs and how to set up and control your OpenKnit over on Github, this looks like a great project to get involved in if you want to use your Raspberry Pi or Arduino as the brains of the operation.

OpenKnit on Github

It’s definitely a project, not something you can go ahead and buy off the shelf! But just think how rewarding it could be to design and create your own clothing. It’s in it’s early stages right now, but check back for updates, and don’t be afraid to be a pioneer!

Recap – What is OpenKnit?

The HOWTO page on reads this:

OpenKnit works as an ecosystem formed by 3 parts.

1 ) a machine, follow this link to build yours

here you’ll find: the 3D model of the machine, .stl files for printing [soon], bill of materials (parts/provider/price)  [soon], an assembly manual  [soon], circuit diagram [soon].

2) Knitic, a software that allows you to design clothes and communicate with the machine, developed by Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva

3) An online repo, a place to share digital clothes, created by Takahiro Yamaguchi


  1. I “try” and make my own clothes and it has been a steep learning curve. I am useless with knitting needles and although my mum and my grandma tried to teach me it was an epic fail. I love knitwear and having software do it for me would be fantastic. Amazing idea.

  2. A knitting printer sounds really interesting, I think I’d probably still require professional designs though.

  3. As a knitter, and a developer, I *need* one of these in my life! I might start getting the bits together to make it, if I do I’ll be sure to share the results 🙂

  4. This is fantastic. I always wanted to learn more about textiles and this looks great fun. How brilliant to be able to say ‘I made it myself!’


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