The Many Odd Uses Of A Business Card By Marco Oggian

Photo of Marco's 3rd use of a business card shows a 4 cornered wrapped up bowl of ketchup

Bored with the every-day common use of the business card, Marco Oggian, used his paper craft skills and created these 7 different ways they could be of use.


Conventional business cards be warned – Marco Oggian transforms them into useful objects about the house. Who would’ve thought that a simple paper craft technique could reinvent our calling cards?


Photo of two sides of a plain business card


1. Chinese Chopsticks Holder

Photo of Marco's first different use of the humble business card - as a Chinese chopstick holder.


2. Multiple Pen Holder

Photo of Marco's second use of a business card shows him wrapping the card around 2 pens as a pen holder


3. Little Bowl For Sauces

Photo of Marco's 3rd use of a business card shows a 4 cornered wrapped up bowl of ketchup


4. Sketch Paper

Marco-s fourth use of a business card shows him drawing a funny cartoon on the front.


5. Toast Holder (for your average OCD person)

Marco's 5th use of a business card shows 3 slices of toast with dollops of jam on them and the business card is folded around the edge to keep your hands free from crumbs


6. Spatula For Jam

Marco's 6th use of a business card is a photo of a piece of slice toast with a dollop of jam being spread across by a business card.


7. Roll Up… (That’s brown sugar, by the way!)

Photo of different business card uses shows a rolled up business card with brown sugar made to look like drugs.


All Gone

Marco finished using the sauce from his business card.

About Marco Oggian

Marco Oggian was born in Venice, Italy in 1990. He is a ‘young nuclear physicist’ now living in Milan with a passion for graphic design. He studied at the School of Visual Arts in Italy and SUPSI (the University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Switzerland. He has created for Brekka, Imille, New Trends and Mascioni. His clever and interesting art has earned him the Behance Portfolio Reviews award. To create his best graphic designs, he takes a small boat and sits in the middle of the lake outside his house enjoying the peace and quiet of the town.

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