Mark The Date In Your New 2015 Calendar

Typographic styled wall calendar printing

When it comes to visual and functional business marketing, your fresh, new 2015 calendar is a serious contender, getting your brand noticed all year round.

Folding style calendar Solopress printing
Designed by Yining C –  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Multipurpose Marketing

Making ideal gifts for returning and prospective clients, calendars are an essential print media product for a vast range of business types. The interest they return is very much dependent on the design – after all if you get the right balance, your new 2015 calendars will be on display all year round, shouting how fabulous your company is from walls to shelves and desks to doors.

Poster styled calendar printing Solopress blog
Image source Eduardo Serratos – Monterrey, Mexico.

From the food industry to the motor trade, a well designed calendar can present your business to an wider audience all year round. Providing the content is visually captivating and appealing, your new 2015 calendar can be both functional and focal for your clients and those they do business with on a daily basis.

January entry food calendar printing Solopress blog Choosing Your New 2015 Calendar Design

By using your calendar as a portfolio of your work, each month can show off one of your products or an example of what you do, therefore engaging the viewer with a direct marketing focus on your brand.

Typographic styled wall calendar printing

Photographers, artists, designers and those in the beauty industry can find this medium a particularly beneficial form of keeping their services in the forefront whilst being very pleasing to the eye for the spectator. When considering new calendar printing, some businesses find it of great benefit to use the same branding for their Christmas cards.

Printed calendar for Marshall Amps

More Seasonal Printing Ideas

We provide many other festive-friendly print media such as gloss flyersfolded leaflets or vinyl banners for those holiday events. All are popular additions to the seasonal marketing range and can showcase your product lines and special promotions. With some organised planning, businesses can maximise their investment in Christmas and New Years’ print marketing campaigns.


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