PUR binding – how does it work?

What is PUR Binding and why is it so superior to the rest?

PUR Binding is a method used to bind books and magazines in a softback style with a spine. This method is very similar in style to Perfect Binding, the key difference is the adhesive used in the process. PUR binding uses Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) and Perfect Binding uses Ethylene Reactive (EVA). The real difference in the two methods is the glue used and how this reacts chemically.


It is important to point out that PUR Binding offers a far stronger bind than EVA and also holds to a wide variety of materials. It can stick to ink, Spot UV coatings, coated papers and cards; these coatings must be removed from the spine for EVA binding. The method also has a far higher tolerance to pages being pulled on and makes for a far sturdier product, this includes when laid flat and shows far greater flexibility than its rivals when opened up and any cracking to the spine will be minimal.

Polyurethane Reactive (PUR Binding) is chemically different to EVA and rightly, reacts differently. Its molecular weight is considerably higher which affords a tough, pliable bond when set. This also increases the stability to avoid melting in the warmest of summers and cracking, even in the iciest of winters. This strength and stability comes from the reaction itself that involves the moisture in the paper and surrounding air as opposed to hot cure EVA.

PUR Bound in Snow
Photo credit: Katarina Krek.

This stability also allows PUR binding to triumph over other methods. The process is not only a great deal more versatile than its rivals in that not only being tougher and more tolerant of temperatures ranging from -40ºC to as high as 90ºC! It also requires less surface area to bind and the minimum spine size can be as small as 1.2mm rather than near 6mm for EVA binding. This reaction requires natural air and takes around 24 hours to make absolutely sure that the reaction is fully completed to ensure that you are left with a robust, long-lasting product. Surely some things really are worth the wait?

PUR Brochures - Worth the wait
Photo Credit: Reuschp – Wikipedia

What Can They Be Used For?

PUR Perfect Bound Brochures are ideal for printing stories, magazines, photo books, graphic novels, cooking books, instruction manuals, programmes, volumes of sheet music and much, much more!PUR Brochure - Cookbook

Did You Know?

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