‘RePack’: Reusable, Returnable Retail Packaging

Image of RePack's 3 different sizes available in a white packaging.

Yu-Change Chou offers a simple solution to our online shopping packaging demand with his revolutionary ‘RePack’ design.

Innovative designer Chou teamed up with Royal Mail to create ‘RePack‘ after becoming fed up with watching his wife continuously order packages online and then throw them away.

Image of RePack's 3 different sizes available in a white packaging.
RePack is available in different sizes to suit all orders.

To get a RePack bag, users simply opt for it at the checkout and can then return the packaging into any red postbox for Royal Mail to sell on.

In an interview with Deezeen Chou said,

“One of my favourite parts of the RePack system is using postboxes as return spots. Letter volume has decreased significantly and is expected to keep decreasing. Therefore in the future, maybe postboxes will become useless. Using postboxes as the packing return spots for RePack can give them a new life and function.”

Photo of the mobile app used for RePack packaging.
RePack options can be selected at Checkout: saving the consumer and company money.

The packaging can be used up to 200 times before Royal Mail repairs or recycles them. Their durability comes from its polyester fabric (recycled from PET bottles) and the inner cushioning; made from microcellular polyurethane (a material that can be found on protective sportswear).

Image of RePack's inner cushioning and its simple wrap-around design.
RePack has a foldable inner cushioning for extra protection in distribution.

“Through return and reuse, RePack makes online shopping more environmental friendly,” said Chou, “and cost-effective for both the retailer and costumer.”

The design was part of a graduate show held at his college, the Royal College of Art, when he was still studying.

Infographic of RePack's recyclable concept with Royal Mail to consumer and back again.
Repack and Royal Mail work seamlessly together.

Yu-Chang Chou is a man of many talents having designed Rapport, Pose and the Arc Folding Chair.

Chou is now a successful designer and engineer having worked for HTC and teaching at top universities. He has also been featured at the Imperial, Show RCA, Rio Tinto Sports Innovation Challenge and Tech Foresight exhibitions.

Important Update

Yu-Chang Chou’s design is not to be confused with RePack Original. When this blog post was originally composed and sent out – Finnish award-winning company Repack Original, contacted our team via Twitter to point out the obvious similarities between the two products.

Repack Original’s description was almost identical to Chou’s product description and the packaging is noticeably similar.

RePack by Chou was investigated by his university under allegations of plagiarism from Repack Original.

It has now been announced by the Royal College of Art that Yu-Chang Chou is ‘technically guilty’ of plagiarising Repack Original. As a result, the RCA have removed Chou’s work from their website and Chou will do the same.

 [Source: Dezeen]

The blog has since been updated with the correct links to the correct credits.

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