Sandy Packaging: An Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Photo of Sandy Packaging by Alien And Monkey, including its wooden block base.

Innovative design duo Alien And Monkey create Sandy Packaging, a new and eco-friendly way to distribute products.

Together, industrial designer Marc Nicolau and writer and illustrator Daishu Ma make up design company Alien And Monkey, the incredible duo behind ‘Sandy Packaging’.

Photo of Sandy Packaging by Alien And Monkey, including its wooden block base.

The creation is simple, yet slightly out-there: blocks made entirely out of hardened sand to distribute precious presents sustainably and safely.

Their website describes the invention as,

“An answer to the increase of waste in modern society, we have developed a material using one of Earth’s most abundant natural resources, sand, to create packaging for precious gifts.”

Photo of the Sandy Packaging as an example of being broken in half with the soft sand inner layer

The object packed inside the sandy block is supported by its soft, sandy inner layer and, to open it without damaging the product inside, a slice is cut along a certain point of each block as an indicator of the best place to break it open.

Photo of the Sandy Packaging example - with the slice to demonstrate were to cut open

Nicolau and Ma explain how useful the sandy packaging is on their website:

“These products can be used for a long period of time and, due to the elements, crumble back to sand dust at the end of its life cycle.”

Photo of the Sandy Packaging all ready to go: with its wooden frame

The packaging arrives in a cute wooden frame, (equally as environmentally friendly) with the Alien And Monkey wrap-around label.

The designers state on their website that,

“Sand-made packaging re-establishes the ritual of discovering a gift and the concept of sustainable packaging.”

Photo of the Sandy Packaging being made

Along with playing with sand to create awesome packaging, the designers have repeated the use of the material to create sand furniture and a sand light.

Photo of the Sandy Light

Photo of a man sitting on a stool made entirely out of sand on a beach

We can’t help but think this a messy business to get involved with. We strongly advice, if you’re lucky enough to receive one of the sandy packages through the post, that you open it outside or over the kitchen sink – otherwise you’ll need to hoover up one big pile of sand off your carpet!


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