The Apple Watch – The Facts

The Apple Watch

With pre-ordering available on Friday and a release coming soon, we thought it was time to take a look at the newest Apple phenomenon sweeping the world, the Apple Watch.


Of course Apple wouldn’t be entering into the world of timekeeping if they weren’t able to fill it with a plethora of features you never imagined possible when staring at a clock waiting for the end of the school day. Some of the features include Apple Pay (already available on iPhone 6) taking contactless payment to the next level, fitness and health tracking, reading emails and even Siri to allow users to talk into the watch for the full Buzz Lightyear experience.

Apple Watch
Image – Apple

How Does It Work?

A touch screen on a watch would require some real intricacy, especially with a wealth of apps to choose from. Rather than re-introduce the super cool stylus to the touchscreen world, Apple decided to spare us and have worked with the crown. Rather than to just change the time on an ordinary watch this can now be used to scroll through applications and menus as well as the tried and tested ‘push once for home’ feature. An as yet

Technical Information

This is where the watch can seem to run away with itself options-wise. There are a total of 36 different models available in 2 sizes, either a 1.5in or 1.65in. These are split into Aluminium Sports Band, Stainless Steel Standard buckle and Special Edition 18 Karat Gold. The standard and the special editions also feature a Sapphire Glass face to avoid scratching, which is slightly confusing as the ‘Sports’ edition does not feature this. The battery is expected to last 16 hours on a charge with a drastically simplified IOS. This seems to be a product distinctly driven by style.


Naturally the watch also comes with more faces than any Batman villain and Mount Rushmore put together from the classic Chronograph to the stylish Micky Mouse with moving arms; there really is something for everybody. All of the faces come with the option for customisation and seem to have broken down the non-watch-wearing super-sceptic within and I must admit, even I would like something this cool.

It is a product that is sparking up debates everywhere, is this a must-have gadget or is this a step too far? It’s a real love/hate product, Do we need to be able to measure our heartbeats and share the results with friends? It is effortlessly neat as a gadget and the fitness and messaging features seem incredibly handy. Perhaps not the most essential of items available on the market but certainly a fun toy to carry around with you.


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