The Purrfect Poster For Cat Lovers

The Field Guide To Famous Felines poster

From Hello Kitty to Puss In Boots, The Field Guide To Famous Felines is a lovely new poster print by Pop Chart Lab featuring a who’s who of celebrity cats from the worlds of books, TV, movies, cartoons, comics and video games. Not forgetting today’s ultimate cat’s lair, of course, the Internet.

See if you can spot your favourite feline somewhere among the 79 cool cats on display in the giant cat-shaped chart below. Or maybe you’re feeling the hate for some of the furballs included here. Yes Stimpy, I’m talking about you.

The Field Guide To Famous Felines poster

This super cute cat poster is cuddly to the environment too. Just like the eco-printing we do at Solopress, Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab print on a recycled stock that’s been responsibly sourced, using an offset lithographic printing press with vegetable-based inks.

Top Five Felines

Here are my personal favourites among the world famous aristocats shown in Pop Chart Lab’s poster:

5. Garfield
Well, my girlfriend Eve says I have the same sleepy look on my face as Garfield after I’ve eaten a big meal.

4. Scratchy
What HASN’T this poor pussykat endured for the sake of entertaining Bart and Lisa Simpson?

3. Salem Saberhagen
The sassy cursed cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch made this American TV ‘comedy’ show watchable. Almost.

2. Grumpy Cat
And this is what Eve says I look like when I haven’t eaten a satisfyingly big meal.

1. Tony the Tiger
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes may be boring old cornflakes with a sugar coating, but Tony’s undying enthusiasm for the brand is what truly makes this breakfast cereal… “Grrrrreat!”


  1. Brilliant poster, Sylvester being one of my favourites and this coming from crazy cat lady here (we currently have 8 cats!!)

  2. I would love one of these posters myself. Cats are the coolest animals in the world – and are the best pets. I love them!


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