Free Inspiring Winter Colour Palettes


As the frost grows outside, you’ll want to reflect the season’s change in your designs.

We’ve put together a collection of winter inspired colour palettes that’ll compliment any project. It’s the season for muted bright tones, cool blues and warm reds that you can use in harmony to convey a modern winter feel to your next design project. We’ve done all of the heavy lifting by supplying hex keys and CMYK breakdowns of each of the winter colour palettes to make it easier to create your piece of artwork.

Frozen Forest

Inspired by the snowy forests of Norway, this palette includes cool earthy hues of green and brown.


Spiced Cinnamon

The tradition of spiced fruits inspires this palette with warm oranges and terracottas.


Mountain Dusk

Using colours from the winter sunsets, you’ll find frozen pinks and natural stones.


Festive City

Inspired by Christmas storefronts, you’ll find a mix of bright yellows and warm navies.


Ordering your print this winter?

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