Introducing 457mic Kraft Business Cards!


We are pleased to introduce our newest product, 457mic Brown Kraft Paper Business Cards.

 What Are They?

The brown card finish brings a distinguished and distinctly vintage look to your design by giving a timely nod to a more traditional style. The cards enrich even the simplest of designs to give a bold and vibrant finished product.

kraft business cards from Solopress

What Is 457mic?

You may have noticed that the unit of measurement differs between some of our products. The two units of measurement we use are GSM (Grams per Square Metre) and Mic (Microns). The two measurements relate to different elements of the stock. GSM is based upon the weight of the paper itself (perfect for our coated Silk and Gloss stocks). Due to the recycled nature of the Pulp and Kraft card stocks the paper is porous and a measurement based on weight is unreliable, a more accurate measurement can be taken from the thickness of the sheets themselves, which is measured in Microns, our 457mic stock translates to roughly 300gsm.

kraft business cards from Solopress

What Are The Benefits?

Our Kraft Business Cards are perfect for bringing a cutting edge, vintage feel to your company and multi-task in the sense that you will also be promoting a strong eco-friendly feel. You will be be able to rest assured that they are a fully recycled product to ease your mind that they are sourced responsibly and are environmentally sustainable.

Did You Know?

  • The use of Business Cards dates all the way back to 15th Century China.
  • In India Business Cards must be handed out and accepted with your right hand.
  • On average, people are 10x more likely to hold onto a card with an unusual design than they are a plain black & white.
  • In Japan it is considered rude to fold or write on somebody else’s Business Card.


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