Making the Cut: Solopress invests in Kongsberg C Edge cutting table

There’s more to printing than just printing. We take great pride in a fantastic finish, and that includes trimming products to size with perfect precision.

So as part of a larger investment project, which includes some formidable print equipment (including two HP Indigo 10000 digital presses and two Agfa Anapurna H2500i LED hybrid wide-format presses), we’ve now acquired a state-of-the art Kongsberg C Edge Cutting Table.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our printers are big and fast – so we needed a digital finishing table that could keep up. And because we offer such a broad range of products, it had to be a versatile unit that could adapt and cope with multiple operations on multiple materials. The Kongsberg C Edge was the clear choice.

This multi-function, super-wide digital finisher represents the last word in finishing technology – both in terms of cutting, milling, routing and creasing our products perfectly into shape – but also in terms of the way the software allows us to plan jobs. The integrated Device Manager is able to glance at our workflow and gang up multiple orders in an instant with optimal efficiency.

As Solopress MD, Simon Cooper explains, “When you produce on a rigid substrate, you buy very large boards, which you then print multiple different customer orders onto, before using the cutter to separate these out into the respective jobs at their finished size. By doing this we’re able to pass on significant cost efficiencies to our customers”.

This technology enables us to:

  • eliminate bottle-necks in our processes
  • reduce material waste – cutting costs and benefitting the environment
  • expand our product range going forward

What does this mean for our customers?

Having this new equipment on board means:

  • improved turnaround times
  • a high-quality, precisely finished product
  • exciting new product options around signage, display and packaging
  • competitive pricing

We don’t like to stand still at Solopress. Investment in equipment is at the heart of our commitment to remaining at the forefront of what’s possible in our industry. While not all of our customers will be as excited as we are by our new piece of kit, we’re sure they’ll love the results!

For examples of the Kongsberg at work, check out our range of options for signage boards.