Revealed: What Pippa Middleton’s wedding day will look like according to the British public according to Solopress


As Pippa Middleton’s wedding fast approaches (20th May), the great British public has revealed exactly what they expect the socialite’s big day to look like.

In the study of 2000 British adults1, conducted by UK based printers, Solopress, every detail of the big day was uncovered, from stationery to flowers and the all-important dress.  

The dress exposed

Long sleeved and sheath in style, full delicate white lace, a scalloped bateau neckline, short train and low buttoned back.

Unalike the style of her royal sister Kate, one third of Brits expect that Pippa will wear a fitted sheath style dress with bateau neckline and 62% stated that they anticipate her dress to have modest long sleeves. When asked about material, 80% agreed her dress would be full lace, while two thirds stated they expect to see a low back with button detailing.  Less than 5% expect that Pippa will wear a ball gown and over half agreed she will have no detailing on her dress except the lace.

The evening gown

Sheath in style, demure simple ivory silk, capped detailed sleeves and a low neckline

Over half of Brits think Pippa will change into an evening gown, much like the Duchess of Cambridge. When asked about style, 60% agreed that it will be simple in style and silk. A quarter stated that they thought she would have some detailing, specifically on the shoulders and waist, while 55% thought a low neckline would be most likely, a nod to her signature style. 90% agreed the evening gown would be a step away from her lace bridal dress.

The hair

Understated low chignon with a simple full length veil

The study revealed that Pippa is most likely to opt for an updo in the eyes of the British public. With a low understated chignon taking centre stage on the aisle. A simple un-accessoried and lace-edged floor length veil made the cut for a third of respondents, while a glitzy hair slide was deemed a no-go by 90% of the population.

The flowers

Cascading English roses and peonies in dusky pink and white with subtle greenery

Peonies and English roses were top choice for Pippa’s flowers with 1 in 3 stating they expect to see roses and 1 in 5 expecting a number of peonies making an appearance too. A cascading, elegant bouquet is most likely to accompany the bride on her big entrance down the aisle. Wild flowers, hydrangeas and lilies were the least envisaged on the list.

The bridesmaids

Romantically ruched, strapless, dusky pink flowing floor length gowns

Traditional bridesmaid dressed made the cut for 65% of the population with Brits stating they expect to see floor length flowing, strapless gowns. Dusky pink was the top choice for a quarter of those surveyed, with Ivory falling closely behind. Most Brits (99%) said they would be shocked to see the wedding party wearing bright colours.

Charlotte and George

Traditional silk outfits, all in white, with a flower crown for young Charlotte

Charlotte and George’s appearance at their auntie’s wedding will include traditional outfits according to the British public. 91% of those asked stated that Charlotte will wear a white silk flower girl gown, featuring a Peter Pan collar. A circlet in her hair was top choice for most Brits with 1 in 3 stating it as accessory of choice. 80% of those asked think George will wear a traditional silk page boy outfit to match his royal status.

The theme

Grand, elegant and romantic English garden

Much like her position, Brits expect socialite Pippa to have a grand and elegant wedding theme, featuring flowers, dusky pinks, gold and white and an air of elegance. When asked what they most predict Pippa’s theme to entail, 51% said it would be a classic English country garden, while a further 25% stated it would have a grand and royal theme, despite Pippa not being a member of the royal family.

The cake

Traditional and white but an air of extravagance, four tiers and adorned in flowers

81% of Brits across the country agreed that if anything was to be extravagant, it would be the cake. Traditional, white iced, 4 tiers and covered in flowers was the most expected, but the twist is on the inside with over two thirds expecting Pippa to choose a non-traditional filling like chocolate or banoffee.

The wedding stationery

Elegant, traditional, stylish, black and white, embossed with gold cursive writing

Although the invite has been kept on the hush, one third of Brits expect that Pippa has chosen a simple, black, white and gold embossed design, featuring cursive writing to suit her fittingly understated day.

Julia Murray, Digital Marketing Manager at Solopress, said: “Pippa’s wedding, even down to her stationery has been a hot topic for months so we wanted to highlight what the British public expected on her big day.

“To celebrate the wedding, we’ve launched a new invite template based on the theme as expected by the country.”

Solopress has launched a Pippa theme invite template in the run up to the big day. For more information you can view it here:

1 Study by OnePoll of 2000 men and women aged 18-60 across the UK.


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