Gamer Wedding Invitation Scores 1000G Co-Op Mode Xbox Achievement

Gamer wedding invitation features the flying house scene from Up and Minions

Who says you should just have pretty flowers embossed on your wedding invitations? Not avid gamers Helen and Simon, that’s for sure!

Gamer Wedding Invitation printed by Solopress

Solopress recently printed these highly original gloss wedding invitations for Helen and Simon, a couple who’s love for animated movies, gaming and each other is clearly depicted by the invite’s custom-made design.

When she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted to announce #thebigday, Helen designed the wedding invitation artwork herself. It not only features the loveable little yellow Minion characters from the Despicable Me movies, but also a tongue-in-cheek 1000G Xbox achievement badge for unlocking a new ‘co-op mode’ – that’s gamerspeak for getting married.

“The invite started with both of us joking about how we’d like a Minions based invite,” explains Helen. “They’re cute and funny and both us can be pretty silly sometimes. After looking around at traditional invites my partner and I decided they weren’t really for us. I’ve been using Photoshop for a few years and thought I’d see what I could come up with.”

“We are also both gamers, as are at least half of our guests, so the inclusion of some game elements was a must! The ‘companion cube’ is a reference to Portal, a game both of us and many of our guests have played. And, of course, the custom Xbox achievement was a nod to us playing together now – or arguing about who gets the controller!”

“I didn’t really want an invite with lots of different elements that didn’t really tie in, so I moved the Minions about a bit and made it so they were standing on the Xbox pop up and carrying the cube off. It certainly shows their sense of mischief.”

“The main picture is the house from Pixar’s Up, a movie both of us love. It’s an adorable love story, plus it was the watercolour I chose to do for our first anniversary card. I wanted the middle of the card to seem like a window you could look through, and it helped bring a bit of depth to the overall card.”

“As a whole I wanted our invite to be personal and have a nice mix of humour, in-jokes and sappy romance. I wasn’t able to find something I liked already out there, so I did it myself.”

Game Changer

“I chose Solopress after looking around for weeks at places to get bespoke invites or printed cards, and just finding myself disappointed at the lack of options and the fact nothing was quite right. In the end, Solopress was the only place I found that offered me the ability to get exactly the design I wanted without cropping or changing it.”

“Originally to keep the costs low we were only planning on sending invites to a few family members and sending the rest via e-mail. Solopress allowed me to get proper quality invites to give to every guest. The final decision maker was the Live Chat function on the Solopress website that let me ask the few questions I had and get an instant and helpful reply. The invites came through a couple days later despite being ordered like a week before Christmas!”

“It’s the little things that make sorting a wedding out so much easier and happier. Solopress has certainly managed that for me. I got the lovely quality, personal wedding invites I wanted without paying hundreds of pounds for them.”

How about Helen’s and Simon’s ideas for the wedding cake then? Well, you won’t be probably won’t be too surprised to discover that the cake will have a Portal/xkcd theme. Solopress wish GLaDOS tidings to the happy couple.

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  1. I love these! Would love to receive a minion invite, also really want to see photos of the Portal cake now!
    Sounds like you gave them a really great service too judging from their comments about Live Chat and the prompt delivery, well done!

  2. This is pretty awesome, I got sent a wedding invitation the other day which just had my name on the card and a QR code! When I scanned it, it linked to a webpage with all of the info about the day, hotels near by, the wedding list etc. Innovative idea, just maybe have a back-up for the non-iPad generation!

  3. Bless them. What a cute idea. It’s so much nicer to receive a personal invitation that is relevant to the couple than a mass produced design.


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