Awesome, Inspirational Hanukkah Art

jewish news drew dodge winner hanukkah art contest phoenix

Last night marked the beginning of Hanukkah, with many people around the country gathering together to light the menorah for the first time this holiday season. 

In celebration of the Festival of Lights, we’re featuring some awesome examples of Hanukkah art from around the world, from beautiful historical artifacts to modern pieces – and even some large scale public art!

The South Beach Seashell Dreidel

In Miami, USA, a 1600 pound, seashell-covered, spinning driedel has finally been completed, after a considerable amount of work by local resident Roger Abramson. It’s attracting attention from people throughout the community, who are eager to come see it and the even larger menorah he created next to it. Though the decorations have been coming out each holiday season since 2003, the seashells have been added slowly throughout the years.

miami seashell dreidel and menorah hanukkah art

 The Contest Winner

In Arizona, USA, a children’s art contest was held, asking entrants to depict what they love about Hanukkah. 13 year old Drew Dodge was the lucky winner with this colourful menorah. It was then featured on the cover of the local Jewish News!

jewish news drew dodge winner hanukkah art contest phoenix

The Rare Menorah

Crafted in the Ukraine during the 18th century, this elaborate and detailed menorah is a work of art in its own right. Incredibly rare, the beautiful silver piece was recently auctioned off by a prominent art dealer who specialises in Judaica, for $100,000 (approximately £65,000).

rare 100,000 menorah hanukkah art

The Endless Blessing

Artist Steve Karro was born in Russia and grew up in Jerusalem. This vibrant, Hanukkah-themed oil painting is one of many he has done throughout the years, which have also seen him become a Rabbi in America.

steve karro hanukkah art

The Great Synagogue Menorah

One of many large-scale menorahs around the world, this beautiful work of public art sits outside the Great Synagogue in Stockholm, Sweden. Apparently, it’s not uncommon to overhear people debating whether it’s teal or green.

the great synagogue stockholm menorah

Wherever and however you’re celebrating Hanukkah this year, we wish you the best of the season and hope you’re inspired and delighted by these creative works of art!


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