Marvel Super Heroes Fight Bullying For Blue Shirt Day

Even Marvel's Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy knows what it's like to be bullied.

Marvel super heroes, from Groot to Hulk, have teamed up in support of Blue Shirt Day.

The annual, international campaign for bullying prevention takes place on 6th October. It encourages schools, community groups and businesses to get involved and raise awareness of bullying in an effort to improve safety and comfort levels for children. For 2014’s campaign, even Marvel comics have taken part!

Captain America

Getting picked on at your locker is a thing of the past when the first Avenger steps in.

Marvel's Captain America teams up for Blue Shirt Day bullying prevention.

Rocket Raccoon

Who cares if you don’t sit at the “cool table?” Lunch with Rocket Raccoon and Groot would be much better anyways.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon doesn't sit at the cool table. Blue Shirt Day awareness.

The Hulk

Feeling sad that you didn’t make the team? Hulk is there to comfort you.

Marvel's Hulk comforts a child who is a victim of bullying for Blue Shirt Day.

Legendary Star Lord

Who? This Guardian of the Galaxy knows what it’s like to be bullied, and defends a young child from his peers.

Even Marvel's Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy knows what it's like to be bullied.


The green Guardian of the Galaxy is a friendly face for a young girl who feels left out.

Guardians of the Galaxy participate in Marvel's campaign for Blue Shirt Day.

Want To Get Involved?

Schools, organisations and businesses the world over – not to mention many celebrities – are taking a stand against bullying on Blue Shirt Day 2014. If you want to be involved, contact Stomp Out Bullying. You could be a “super hero” for kids in your community who feel rejected, victimised and lonely.



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