A guide to roller banners

Roller banner size guide

Tall, bold and attention grabbing – roller banners can help advertise your product or services at your next event, conference or trade show.

Our guide aims to answer some key questions to help you find the right roller banner option.

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What is a roller banner?

Roller banners are portable marketing tools you often see at events or conferences. Your messaging is printed on high-quality canvas attached to a robust metal stand.

Why choose a roller banner?

To grab your customers’ attention. Perfect for advertising an upcoming event or introducing a special offer, roller banners are…

  • Foldable and lightweight. Easy to transport from the office to the trade show
  • Fully customisable. Personalise with your offers and messaging
  • Attention-grabbing. Bright, bold and eye-catching designs
  • Affordable. Options to suit every budget and need – from one-off to long-term use
  • Flexible. Coming in a range of roller banner sizes and designs

Pull up roller banners: the popular option

roller banner

The most common type of roller banner. Its name refers to the way the canvas is pulled up from the stand, rolling out to present your message. These banners feature your branding on a 225mic grey canvas, held in place with an aluminium frame.

They also come with a carry bag, so you can easily transfer your banner from place to place and safely store it for future use. Pull-up roller banner options include:

  • Black pull up: Traditional design with a sleek aluminium stand and simple, sophisticated frame.
  • Wide pull up: Larger display for greater impact at trade shows and events – perfect for big reveals.
  • Premium pull up: Printed on best-quality matt-coated vinyl to soften glare for a clearer picture.
  • Double sided: Printed on two pieces of vinyl, then reattached to form one banner. Double-sided banners are great for maximum visibility of your message at events and trade shows.

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What about an L banner?

L Banner

L banners are an alternative to the pull up for when you have extra space. They feature a wider stand to make your design stand out even more – find out more

Exhibition stands: Another option…

Exhibition Product Popup

The bigger exhibition stands are another option for promoting your presence at an event or trade show – perfect if you’re wanting to make an even bigger splash.

Pop-up stands

Bigger. Wider. Taller. Build your event space around it.

  • Your own personal wall of advertising – wide as 500cm and tall as 200cm
  • Highlight key benefits and messages in large type
  • Curved and straight options to complement your stand
  • Optional halogen spotlights to make your branding shine

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Desktop banner: The smaller option

Desktop Roller Banner

Desktop banners are as you can imagine much smaller versions of the popular marketing tool. They’re designed to sit on desks – whether that’s those at your exhibition stand or shop counter, or on the desks of your clients and customers.

Key benefits:

  • A3 or A4 size
  • Handily fits on a desktop or work space
  • Affordable and compact

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Roller banner sizes

You’ve explored the different options for roller banners. But if you’re unsure on what size roller banner is right for you, check out the roller banner sizes below.

Size in cm Size in mm Size in inches Available in
80 x 200 cm 800 x 2000 mm 31.5 x 79 inches Pull up standard, black pull up, L banner, premium pull up
85 x 200 cm 850 x 2000 mm 33.5 x 79 inches Double sided
100 x 200 cm 1000 x 2000 mm 39 x 79 inches Pull up standard, black pull up, wide, L banner
120 x 200 cm 1200 x 2000 mm 47 x 79 inches Pull up standard, wide
150 x 200 cm 1500 x 2000 mm 59 x 79 inches Pull up standard, wide
21 x 29.7 cm 210 × 297 mm 8 x 12 inches Desktop
29.7 x 42 cm 297 x 420 mm 12 x 16.5 inches Desktop
354 x 223.6 cm 3540 x 2236 mm 139 x 88 inches Pop up stand
427.2 x 223.6 cm 4272 x 2236 mm 168 x 88 inches Pop up stand
500.4 x 223.6 cm 5004 x 2236 cm 197 x 88 inches Pop up stand
201.6 x 223.6 cm 2016 x 2236 mm 79 x 88 inches Pop up tower