Video Tutorial: How To Make A Chevron Pattern In Adobe Illustrator

chevron pattern adobe illustrator tutorial

Learn how to easily make this cool ’70s retro pattern using simple tools in Adobe Illustrator.

0 Chevron Pattern

Video Tutorial

Making Shapes

Open Illustrator and start with a basic A4 sized document. Using the rectangle tool, make three squares down the outside of the art board. We are going to use these as our swatches because it will just make it easier to colour our shapes later.

1 Drawing Squares

Pick the colours you would like using the colour picker for each one. Try and stay in the same colour group for a consistent design.

Select the Line Segment Tool and draw a straight line from the edge of your document. We are going to use this as a guide to create out chevrons. Using the Pen Tool, make an anchor point starting at the end of the line. Then make several more points to create your chevron as displayed in the picture.

2 Drawing Lines

3 Using Pen Tool

Test if your chevrons are equal by copying and pasting one, and placing it underneath to see if it fits. If it doesn’t fit, use the Direct Selection Tool to change the position of the anchor points.

5 Lining Up Chevron

Copy the altered shape and paste it two times. Line up the chevrons underneath each other ensuring that the lines fit flush. Select each chevron separately and use the Pipet (or eyedropper) to select a colour from the premade swatches.

6 Colouring

Now all three are coloured, it’s time to duplicate them so we can create the pattern.

Copy all three and paste them, then position them underneath the original chevrons. Repeat this process until you have one complete line of chevrons from the top to the bottom of the document. Highlight, copy and paste all of the chevrons. Then rotate it a complete 180 degrees using the Selection Tool.

Repeat this process all the way along the page until you have filled the entire document.

7 Duplicating

Draw a rectangle that fits the whole page without a fill colour or stroke.

8 Placing

Highlight the entire document, then go to Pathfinder and click Divide. This will let you cut all of the overhanging shapes from the outside of the document.

9 Pathfinder Align

Once you have cut off all of the overhangs then you are done!

10 Deleting

You can leave it like this or if you want to give it a more retro look, add a paper or wood texture on top of the pattern. Using the Transparency panel, change the opacity to your liking. Change up the colours to create different cool effects.

If you have any questions about this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, please comment and we’ll do our very best to help you further!


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