Photoshop video tutorials – how to design a hair salon appointment card

design a hair salon appointment card using Photoshop

Learn how to design a hair salon appointment card in Adobe Photoshop with our expert, easy-to-follow video tutorial.

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No Splitting Hairs

Video Tutorial

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Scissors At The Ready!

Go to to download the free business card template that you’ll need to create your appointment card. Then open it in Photoshop.

Please note:

Bleed Area – anything here will be trimmed off. Remember to extend any colouring or images into this bleed area to avoid white lines appearing during the print finishing stages.

Trim – Your job will be cut on the solid black line, any images or text placed in this area may be trimmed off incorrectly.

Safe Area – Keep all your information insides the white area. Remember to use high-resolution images (300dpi) for the best results.

Create a new guide by clicking and dragging on the vertical and horizontal Ruler (if your Ruler does not appear in Photoshop press Command + R.)

Create 8 new guides on the safe area line. In this video I have created 2 lines that run through the centre vertically and horizontally. Using the smart guides in Photoshop CC the guide lines should snap to the centre.

set the guidelines to design a hair salon appointment card

Once this is done, delete the template layer as you will no longer need it.

Start At The Root

Create a solid coloured background by clicking Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Colour. This’ll give you an option to change the colour now, but you can change it later if you want to.

selecting colours for your design

Let’s start making the diamond criss-cross pattern for the background.

To make the lines, use the Rectangle Tool to create a narrow rectangle and extend this far beyond the document.

Duplicate the rectangles by right clicking the layer and selecting Duplicate. Organise the lines so they are parallel with even and equal space in between. To duplicate numerous lines at a time, just select them all and use the Duplicate option.

step four a duplicate layer in Photoshop

Once all of the vertical lines are covering the whole document, select all of the layers and compress them into a smart object by right clicking and selecting Convert to Smart Object. Note, you cannot edit these separately after you’ve performed with action.

step five duplicate layers

Now duplicate the smart object and rotate it by 45º using Edit > Transform > Free Transform.

step six rotating to design your hair salon appointment card

You may need to select both layers and increase the scales it fits over the whole document, you can do this in Free Transform.

Adding Highlights

We are going to add text now, so start typing by using Text Tool. To stylise basic text, take a look at the Character Panel. In this panel you can change the font, size, text height, text width, character spacing, line spacing and much more.

step seven adding text in photoshop

When you are all done with the front, save it as both a PSD (Photoshop Document) and a PDF (Portable Document File). You need the PSD to make changes and the PDF to have it printed.

step eight making a PDF in Photoshop

Blow Dry The Back

Now it’s time to make the back of the card. Reopen the PSD you just created and save it under a different name (like ‘appointment card back’). Delete all of the text layers but keep the background layer and pattern.

Get a cool contrast by using white as the background fill colour and making a faint grey for the pattern.

step nine colour overlay when designing your hair salon appointment card

Using the text tool, write out the lines e.g. Appointment, Date & Time, Stylist and Extra Notes.

Use the Rectangle Tool to create the lines that are going to be handwritten on, be realistic on how much space you will really need.

customise text for your hair salon appointment card

When all is in place, you need to save it as a PSD and PDF.

Dye In Some Colour

Using different colour combinations on the background and pattern, you can customise it to the theme of your salon or your company colours.

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Funky Modern Bubblegum
11 Appointment Card Chatruese
Art Deco Golden Chartreuse


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