Video Tutorial: How To Create A Vintage Badge Using Adobe Illustrator


It’s simple stuff – learn how to create a cool, retro and vintage badge using Adobe Illustrator tools from our expert videographer.

Easy To Make

Vintage coffee badge - finished product shows a blue and red badge for coffee

It’s really easy and simple to make in Adobe Illustrator and will scream ’50s cool, no matter what you use it for.

Tutorial Video



Music: The Creek by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (Courtesy of Youtube)

Let’s Get Started!

Start by opening a New Document. For this demonstration I’ve made mine 1200px x 1200px. Set guides running through the vertical and horizontal centre (600px for both).

Create the text that you want in the centre of your badge by using the Text Tool. Then draw a rectangle over it using the Rectangle Tool. Using the Align pallet choose ‘Align Vertical Centre’ and ‘Align Horizontal Centre’ to accurately centre the text and rectangle. Bring the text to the front if it is behind the rectangle layer.

1 Text on Guides

Draw a circle in the centre of the document, use SHIFT+⌘ (Mac) or SHIFT+Ctrl (Windows) whilst dragging so the circle expands from the centre.

2 Draw Circle

Using the Star Tool draw a star from the centre of the document using SHIFT+⌘ (Mac) or SHIFT+Ctrl (Windows) whilst initially dragging it out. Use Ctrl (Mac + Windows) to change the size of the star’s angles.
Press either the UP or DOWN arrow keys to add more or less angles to the star whilst dragging. Push the star to the back of the layers.

3 Draw Star

Now to write the text to go inside the circle. Write what you want it to say and push it off to the side.

Now fill your star and circle with black, this will help us in the next section.

Draw a circle inside your existing circle but make this one have no fill colour and a white stroke.

Copy your new circle and paste it onto another part of the document, then change the stroke to black.

Using the ‘Type On A Path Tool’ from the Tool Box click on the outline of the circle. Copy and paste the words you had written earlier onto the circle. You will see how the text curves around the circle. To change the position use the ‘Type On A Path Options’ found in Type > Type on a Path. Change the setting to centred and rotate till it fits. To make text curve on the inside select the ‘Flip’ box in the options.

4 Type on a Path

Once your text is in place, draw another circle inside the badge, change the stroke to white with no fill colour and, using the stroke settings, select dashed line (this’ll give it a handmade stitched effect).

Next is the ribbon. Copy and paste the rectangle and shorten it into a stub. Then place it down and slightly off of the bigger rectangle. Make guides so you can line up both sides accurately.

5 Pen Tool on Stub

Using the Pen Tool create a new anchor on the left vertical line of the stub then use the Direct Selection Tool to push the line inwards to create a ribbon end.

Copy and paste the stub, rotate and place it on the other side inside your guides.

Use the Pen Tool to create a triangle at the bottom connecting the stubs and rectangle. Use a black fill colour on these triangles to create a shadow.

6 Stub Triangle

Now to make a retro shadow for the stubs. Using the Pen Tool create a narrow triangle then copy and paste it over and over until you have enough. Connect them all together, select them all then right click and select Group. Place it on the stub behind the rectangle layer. Copy and Paste then rotate it and place it on the other stub.

7 Shadows

To give the ribbon a curve, you need to select all the layers of the ribbon including the text then go to Effects > Warp > Arc. Select 10% arc and click ‘OK’.

Finishing Touchs

Now all there is left to do is to add a thicker stroke to the ribbon for that retro look and add muted fill colours to make it look vintage.

If you wish, you can smooth the star’s angles by selecting it then Effects > Stylize > Curved Edges.

Use for anything!

The best thing is you are not limited to a particular subject, you can use these badges for absolutely anything take a look at the examples below:

Oh Boy! Fresh Burgers are on the menu with this cool badge!
All Aboard! Take a look at this old Subway emblem!

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