Fat fictional heroes by graphic designer Alex Solis

Sketch of Super Man barely flying.
Super Flop.

Graphic Designer Alex Solis uses his creative powers to transform our beloved childhood characters into a series of the ‘Famous Chunkies‘.

We’ve all been there, over-indulged in a chocolate bar or 5, but we aren’t all superheroes or Disney princesses. What would happen if Yoda had one too many burgers or Batman slurped on too many milkshakes or My Little Pony was fed too much hay? Solis shows us.

Graphic design sketch of a fat chewbacca.
Bitten off more than you can chew, Chewbacca?
Graphic design sketch of an obsese Ariel.
I think Ariel is permanently ‘under the sea’ like this.
Sketch of Sonic the Hedgehog incredibly large eating the 'rings' which are donuts.
I didn’t realise those were Donut rings, Sonic…
Image of a very fat Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr – are you in there?
Graphic design sketch of a fat Kermit The Frog eating cake.
Miss. Piggy when did you get here?
Drawing of a very large Wonder Woman with a rope.
Not so much ‘Wonder Woman’.
Graphic design sketch of a very fat Bat Man slurping a fast-food drink.
Ba na na na na ba na na na na Fat Man!
Darth Vadar indulged in one too many tacos in this graphic design sketch
The taco is strong with this one.
Graphic design sketch of Super Mario scoffing mushrooms and lollipop flowers trying to squeeze down a pipe.
Super Massive.
My Little Pony looking on the large side.
My Enlarged Pony.
Graphic design sketch of the Green Ranger taking a selfie with his cupcake.
Power Eaters.
A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle riding a scooter and eating pizza.
Teenage Fat Ninja Turtle.
Sketch of McDonald's Ronald really fat.
Ronald McDonald had one too many Happy Meals.
Graphic design sketch of a really fat Snow White.
It’s nice to see Snow White has finally put her feet up.
Graphic design sketch of a very fat Spiderman trying to climb his web.
Our Spidey senses say you’re not getting up that.
Spock sketch very fat and eating pancakes.
Live short and prosper on cake.
Sketch of a very obsese Stormtrooper.
The clone army may have got the wrong genes…
Sketch of Super Man barely flying.
Super Belly Flop.
A graphic design sketch of a fat Thor drinking a goblet of beer
‘Cor Thor, you’re not looking too God like here.
Wolverine very chubby holding a cupcake with his claws.
Wolverine makes good use of those claws.
Graphic design sketch of an obese Yoda.
Fat you have become, the hamburger I sense in you.


  1. Absolutely hilarious. Not sure if this article motivates me to jump on the treadmill or reach for the Ben and Jerry’s. 🙂 The captions are inspired. Shared on Facebook.

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