Amazing examples of bird’s eye view photography

Bird's eye view of Central Park in New York City, America by Russian photographer Sergey Semenov
Central Park, New York City by Sergey Semenov

The following create a new prospective on life with these bird’s eye view photographs.

Unlike the skyscraper selfies taken from a group of prats on a hot tinned roof, you can still safely and securely take photographs from dizzying heights. Bird’s eye view photographs are underused angles in the photography industry, partially because you often need to sky dive out of a plane or rent a helicopter to capture them. However, if you manage to hitch a ride off Richard Branson, be sure to snap at the landscape you find below your feet. The results can be breathtaking. Scroll to the bottom for top tips.

Bird's eye view of Central Park in New York City, America by Russian photographer Sergey Semenov
Central Park, New York City by Sergey Semenov
Bird's eye view photograph of Spanish city, Barcelona
Barcelona by Aldas Kirvaitis
Stunning, multicoloured view of staggered rice fields in China
Terraced Rice Fields in China by Thierry Bornier
See a bird's eye view of Marina Bay in Dubai in 360 degrees
360 degree aerial panorama of Marina Bay in Dubai found on
Misty bird's eye view of Vatican City by Randy P
Vatican City by Randy P
Mystical view of Seattle city taken from up high
Seattle by Thatcher Photography
An elongated, bird's eye view of Vancouver city in Canada
Vancouver by Evan Leeson
Beautiful sunrise view of Athens in Greece
Athens by Unknown Source
Up high photograph of Moscow taken from a plane
Moscow by Reddit user santacruz83
Breath-taking view of Cape Town
Cape Town found from
Very brown and vast photograph of Shanghai from up high
Shanghai found on
Sharp, jaggered landscape photograph of a Turkish valley and a hot air balloon
Meskendir Valley in Turkey take by Flickr user Benh LIEU SONG
Stunning aerial photo of Paris in France
Paris found on
Dramatic bird's eye view photograph of famous waterfall Niagara Falls in Canada
Niagara Falls in Canada found on
Satellite image of Egyptian Giza pyramids
Giza Pyramids in Egypt from Satellite Imaging Corporation
Circular, bird's eye view photograph of Amsterdam in Holland
Amsterdam by Unknown Source
Amazing photograph of Venice from up high
Venice by Yann Arthus Bertrand
Amazing aerial perspective of Mexico City looks like a sea with wave-like formation
Mexico City by Pablo López Luz

Top Tips For Bird’s Eye View Photographs

Fancy trying it out yourself? Follow these simple guidelines and get up, up and away! Remember to send in your photos to [email protected] to have your amazing photos featured on the blog.

  • Get something to lift you up high: be it in a hot air balloon, helicopter, jumping out of a plane or sitting in a crane. Please ask for professional assistance and take all safety precautions first.
  • Tripod: A heavy tripod can help you set up an awkward angle without risking your safety and also take a sturdier, non-blurry photo.
  • Shutter speed: Due to your subject plane being the ground and the great outdoors, set your shutter speed faster to reduce risk of blurring. If however you wish to have a bit of blurring for dramatic effect, set your camera to 1/60.
  • Photo editing: You will have to edit your chosen bird’s eye view photograph to fully optimise it. Enhance your image through Photoshop to highlight colours, sharpen the contrast and more.

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