Inspired Photography By Luke Gram

Luke Gram Photography

We caught up with prolific photographer/traveller Luke Gram to tell us the story behind his truly inspirational work. Prepare to be amazed.

Luke Gram Photography

Describing himself as ‘a simple guy who fell in love with the mountains’ Luke has devoted his life to chasing them on the west coast, far from his native Ontario, Canada and the photos come from a deep rooted wish to never forget the memories of this.

Luke Gram PhotographyLuke Gram PhotographyLuke Gram Photography

In a bid to steer away from the technicalities of what makes a good photo, he is far less concerned with colour and composition. Luke prefers to simplify this and consider the emotion; does it evoke? Does it convey? Does it remind you of an emotion. It is very easy to over analyse art; it can be technically brilliant on paper and still lack feeling, it is possible however for a photo to scream out with emotion and not fit the conventional guidelines of technicality. When speaking about his own work, he sees his photography as a gift from his mother. She would give him a disposable camera on trips to Switzerland and British Columbia, the passion came from those early beginnings.

Luke Gram PhotographyLuke Gram PhotographyLuke Gram Photography

Traveling is something that is very natural to Luke, he’s been doing it since a child and often finds himself wanting to explore elsewhere if he finds himself in one place for too long. Fans of his work are lucky to witness the explosion of creativity after 4 years studying at University. As soon as he finished his degree he booked a one way ticket to Nepal and planned to figure the rest out from there, this spontaneity has led to a 5 month journey across 9 different countries.

Luke Gram Photography

Luke’s work and prints for sale can be found at his website. If you have any inspired photography of your own, why not print your very own?

Luke Gram Photography

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