Free Design Templates

Free Design Templates

As well as our fantastic Create Your Own section for you to build your artwork online, we also offer some fantastic free design templates for you to ensure your work is the correct size before proceeding to print.

Free Design Templates

These templates offer absolute freedom when creating your artwork as well as the reassurance that nothing will be out of proportion or trimmed off incorrectly. To start, simply log on to and head for the templates page.

Free Design Templates

We have a wide range of templates for: Business Cards, Compliment Slips, Flyers & Leaflets, Posters & much more.

To start, let’s have a quick work through the process to design a Business Card in Adobe Photoshop.

Free Design Templates

I started by opening up the template by dragging and dropping the file into Photoshop. By clicking in the ruler section and dragging to the required locations on the edge of the trim and bleed areas I placed some guides to make the design process easier without having to keep reverting back to the template layer.

Free Design Templates

Once the guides are set you are free to add layers and create your own artwork however you desire, safe in the knowledge that your work will be exactly to the size required with none of your important text or design elements lost in the trimming process. Repeat the process for the reverse side and then once your finished design is saved in a PDF format you are ready to go to print.

Free Design Templates

Can’t Find What You Need?

If you cannot find the size you require or there is anything else we can assist with, we are always happy to help. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via Email, LiveChat or just call 01702 460047

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