Light And Shadow Black And White Photography By Rupert Vandervell

Light and shadow, black and white photograph showing a woman perched on a rectangular shaped , long bench with her back facing us. She is wearing a white hate and white t-shirt and trousers, looking at a dark, block building . The floor is made of wood.

Photographer Rupert Vandervell took these striking black and white photos playing with light and shadows in his series entitled ‘Geometrix‘.

Rupert Vandervell is a London born and bred photographer specialising in fine arts and digital photography. Most of his portfolio focuses on sharp lines and striking colour contrasts.

Vandervell describes his series as,

“A combination of light, shade and human form that comes together in aesthetic harmony, creating a special geometric relationship. These pictures are about clean lines, angles, shapes, textures and their abstract collaboration. The light shines on the urban landscape, spinning its web.”

Vandervell continues to describe his photographic style as “highly representative” of his personality. Describing his passion with sharp lines and black and white photography as an obsession. He says,

“Through the lens I find people captivating and my work explores our relationship with the world and how we interact with our environment.”

Light and shadow, black and white photograph showing a woman perched on a rectangular shaped , long bench with her back facing us. She is wearing a white hate and white t-shirt and trousers, looking at a dark, block building . The floor is made of wood.

Black and white photograph using light and dark shadowing shows a man in the distance wearing a white shirt and black trousers. The angle is over a few concrete blocks with striking lines created by the shadow

Light and dark photograph showing a sharp angle of a wooden, square building and a man in a white shirt and black trousers strolling past it on the ground holding a book across his face.

Black and white photograph with light and shadow effect - shows a woman walking down a sloping brick path that is lit up by sunshine and surrounded by strong, black concrete walls crisscrossing above her.

Black and white, light and shadow effect photograph with a bright-white building with blackened out windows and a black, silhouette of a man walking past

Black and white, light and shadow photograph taken at a striking angle showing the sky lit up all white, a thin man walking slightly taller than the photographer in the background and a big concrete slab overhead which could be a road bridge

Landscape black and white photograph of a woman across the street wearing a white hate, black blouses and white trousers facing the camera. She is standing in front of a black and white concrete building

Black and white photograph taken overhead and looking down on the subject. Subject is wearing a black suit, trailing behind him a black suitcase / work bag. He is walking along a silvery path next to a road where the building's windows from next to him is reflecting on the road.

Light and shadow photograph with abstract angles. Shows a man walking seemingly away from the camera on a bright path outside and taken from a slightly confusing inside place with multiple layers

Photograph using light and shadow effect shows the body of a man (minus his head) walking below the camera on a spiral staircase

Black and white photograph of a man walking on a brightly lit path facing away from the camera, wearing a black long coat and trousers. The angle is taken just before two corners of a glass building meet

Black and white photo taken using a striking black shadow across a 4 tiered footpath - you can just see the legs of a person walking towards the top left of the frame

Photograph taken with a textured concrete block looking downwards onto concrete polls

Striking photograph using a black and white shot  of a woman walking on a vast. concrete slab path wearing heeled boots

How To Take Your Own Light And Shadow Photos

  • Focus on harsh, direct light to create a deep shadowed-look with sharp edges. The basic rule of using different kind of light in photos (i.e. soft light, hard light, broad light and spot light) is almost identical in taking shadow effects.
  • Use your depth of field – shadowed effects can look really powerful when taken from different distances. Find a depth that really elongates the shadow effect.
  • Move the object around that is creating the shadow – remember, it’s not a still object! If the angle of the shadow isn’t cast right. move it until you’re happy with it.
  • Harbour those highlights and lowlights – use the light and shadow to bring out the shape of the landscape in your images.

Print Your Photographs Onto A Calendar

Feeling inspired? Go out and try playing with angles too. You’ll be amazed at the amount of places waiting to be snapped up right outside your door. Once you have a fair portfolio of these images, why not print them onto a calendar as a gift for a loved one? 


  1. I love this style of photography (it’s reminiscent of some of the work of photographer Homer Sykes). The inclusion of individuals and “movement” in each shot is inspired. I think I’ve discovered another fave photographer! Thanks for sharing.

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