10 best ever fracking protest posters

Frack Off Toxic protest poster sign in Balcombe

As the controversy over fracking for gas and oil continues to split public opinion in the UK, Solopress take a look at the best protest posters ever created by anti-fracking campaigners…

Bury Against Fracking protest posters and signs

Image Source: Bury Against Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, better known to the general public as fracking, is the drilling method where a pressurised liquid (usually a mix of water, sand and chemicals) is used to recover gas and oil from shale rock. Although it’s a novel way to harvest previously unobtainable fossil fuels, fracking has also raised environmental concerns, leading to many protests from eco activists and local residents alike.

Before we continue, please note that Solopress are neither for or against the actual process of fracking in the UK and elsewhere in the world. The purpose of this blog is to look at the anti-fracking posters made by protest groups from a purely graphic design perspective, and select our favourite designs amongst their extensive body of work.

Best Ever Fracking Protest Posters

A People’s Hearing On Fracking

People's Hearing on fracking poster

Image Source: People’s Hearing

This poster by People’s Hearing publicised a day of lectures, workshops and public testimonies about hydraulic fracturing in the State of New York. Geologists, economists, gas industry insiders, farmers, planners, activists, business owners and members of the general public were all invited to share their points of view on the controversial subject of fracking.

Ban Fracking

Ban Fracking concert poster by RBlack

Image Source: Shake Your Peace!

R.Black made this poster for the Shake Your Peace! concert, “Ban Fracking in California”, hosted by Food & Water Watch. A downloadable template with this artwork called “Fight Fracking” (shown below) is also freely available for other fracking protestors to use, remix and tweak for their own purposes – as long as they credit R.Black and Shake Your Peace!

Fight Fracking poster artwork by RBlack

Don’t Get Fracked

Don't Get Fracked poster by Chi Bui

Image Source: Chi Bui on Behance

Chi Bui, a graphic design student at Mercyhurst University in the USA, created this ‘Don’t Get Fracked’ poster for a social cause inspired class assignment. The design was inspired by the fracking documentary Gasland.

Here’s the official trailer for Josh Fox’s Gasland documentary on YouTube:

Frack Off Toxic

Frack Off Toxic protest poster sign in Balcombe

Image Source: Frack Off (UK)

One of the poster signs used by demonstrators at the Balcombe protest in July last year. Notice the use of the drilling well and the international tri-foil symbol for radiation. Both of them are recurring features in many of these protest poster designs.

Frack This

Frack This poster by Betsey Marcus

Image Source: Betsey Marcus on Behance

Dallas-based graphic designer and illustrator Betsey Marcus created this poster for the Earth Justice campaign against fracking. The water droplet coming out of the tap incorporates many of the phrases and slogans used by anti-fracking activists in other protest designs: “Frack You”, “Mother Fracker”, “Go Frack Yourself”, “I Don’t Give A Frack”, “No Fracking Way”, “We’re Royally Fracked”, “What The Frack”, “Stop Fracking Around” and, of course, “Frack This”.

No Fracking On Barton Moss

No fracking on Barton Moss poster

Image Source: Frack Off (UK)

The protest campaign against fracking in Salford’s Barton Moss area included these two posters. The one shown below is promoting an ‘Academics meet Activists’ open discussion which took place earlier this year.

Barton Moss Frack Off meeting poster

Image Source: Northern Gas Gala

Plan To Frack Yorkshire

Plan to frack Yorkshire poster by Frack Off

Image Source: Frack Off (UK)

An anti-fracking poster from February 2014 protesting against Rathlin Energy’s proposal to start fracking near Hull in East Yorkshire.

Reclaim The Power

Reclaim The Power poster by No Dash For Gas

Image Source: Reclaim The Power

This anti-fracking action camp, supporting the community groups on the frontline of the fight against fracking, takes place next week in Blackpool.

Stop Fracking With Our Water

Stop fracking with our water poster by Kelsey Morander

Image Source: Kelsey Morander

American graphic designer Kelsey Morander produced this Energy For All poster.

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