5 creative floral tattoo artists you’ll love

With the Chelsea Flower Show underway, we are surrounded by stunning floral arrangements. Such events are a hive of inspiration for creative people, such as tattoo artists for example, who are inspired to make permanent works of art for themselves and others. So I thought it would be fun to take a look at some beautiful floral tattoos and the artists that create them.

Rit Kit

More formally known as Rita Zolotukhina, Rit is a Ukrainian artist whose unique style of tattooing is catching the eyes of many. Rita uses real leaves and flowers to transfer the stencil ink. This includes more detail and realism than any hand drawn stencil could, making Rita’s work truly one of a kind.

Floral Tattoo Artist

Instagram @rit.kit.tattoo


Silo is a Korean artist who has become very popular within the last year. Using no black outlines or ink, the designs look as though they have been painted right onto the body. They create soft and elegant looking pieces that anyone would admire.

Instagram @tattooist_silo

Pis Saro

A native to Crimea, Pis Saro has really made an impact in the tattoo world. With a style very similar to that of a watercolour painting, it is truly beautiful. Any nature lover will find these fascinating.

Instagram @pissaro_tattoo

Lindsay Asselstine

Toronto-based artist Lindsay has only been tattooing for a short while, but is already producing some really compelling work. Usually only using line work, her designs look like minimalist pencil sketches. Delicate yet striking.

Instagram @lindsayapriltattoo

Mini Lau

Mini Lau is an artist from Hong Kong with a distinct style. Using mainly pastel colours, she creates small subtle designs. Using light colours and single outlines is a trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Instagram @hktattoo_mini

All of the above artists show outstanding skill and creativity.  Transferring something naturally beautiful and delicate onto the skin is a real challenge. But these outstanding tattoos speak for themselves and are a real credit to the tattoo world.


  1. Nice list Grace. The details and colors are amazing. We have the pleasure to know some of these artists personally. When getting a water color tattoo, it is important to know that the artist you go to understands the use of color but also thinks in the long term how the tattoo will heal and how it will look in a few years. For the most part most of these tattoos will be fine but you have to be careful with fading. Thanks for sharing!

    • These types of tattoos sure are fascinating and beautiful! Valuable advice for the long-term preservation of the intricate designs – appreciate you stopping by.
      Thanks for reading!

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