Insanely awesome street art by JPS

London Underground Tube CCTV by JPS

Born and bred in Weston-Super-Mare, Jamie Paul Scanlon (aka JPS) is more than just your average street artist, as these brilliant works of street art show…

Little is known about the elusive British street artist JPS. He certainly doesn’t get the worldwide publicity that a new work of street art by Banksy regularly receives, but JPS is equally as talented as his West Country counter-culture compatriot. He also has a similar ability to mix pop culture, humour, unusual locations and cans of spray paint in amazing ways. Who knows? Maybe JPS and Banksy are, in fact, one-and-the-same!


Alien street art by JPS

A Nightmare To Remove

A Nightmare To Remove by JPS

Better Than A Bear Wall

Better Than A Bear Wall by JPS


Chucky by JPS

Chunk of Wall

Chunk of Wall by JPS

Danger Keep Out

Danger Keep Out by JPS

Kerb Crawler

Kerb Crawler by JPS

NHS Cutz (Barrow Gurney Mental Hospital)

NHS Cutz street art by JPS

Painted On A Dark Knight

Painted on a Dark Knight by JPS

Paradise Falls In The Hood

Paradise in the Hood by JPS


Pinjead by JPS

Quality Street


Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal by JPS


Spider-Man by JPS

London Underground Tube CCTV

London Underground Tube CCTV by JPS

Yard Dog

Yard Dog by JPS


  1. Street art is fast becoming the 21st century equivalent of Renaissance art from the 1400’s . Ok I accept that that is maybe a claim to far and possibly won’t be held in the same awe in hundreds of years time but it is a movement that has drawn increasing interest and appreciation whilst adding both humorous and thought provoking images to bland and stark urban landscapes. JPS is clearly one of the new breed of street artists to watch closely.

  2. These are great fun! I’ve never heard of him before, but these are brilliant! Liked his Facebook page now. 🙂

  3. There are some really great examples here of what street art should be. As the third ‘exhibit’ states, it’s “Better Than A Bear Wall”! (haha – love it!)

  4. These are great and the double entendre of the titles makes you view them with humour. Particularly loving the London Underground Tube CCTV with its own graffiti!

  5. I love these! They’re quirky and can make otherwise dull spaces more interesting to look at.
    Move over boring graffiti taggers and take note of real street art!

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