Top modern display stands by world leaders

Coca-Cola option 2 shows the cola can sitting upright . The inside of the can is an internet cafe

Take a coffee break and check out these amazing, modern display stands by some of the top companies in the world. This is how you pull off a successful, professional showcase of your business.

Line Video Messaging Display Board

Line is a Japanese free video messaging, video dialling and texting application that can be used on any smartphone and PC. The app is a massive hit in Asia already and hopes to become a household name on a global scale. They do not have far to go, as the app has already received over 450 million downloads. Their quirky emoticons were the bases behind and mascots of their exhibition stand, set up for a launch of a new shopping centre.

Modern display stand by Line Factory set in a shopping centre

Line Factory new shopping centre shows a line of toy emoticons

Line Factory photo demonstrating the display stand and the crowd it attracted

Sprite Kiosk

Designed by freelance, 3D designer, Hossam Moustafa, Sprite took on a new facelift with their refreshing kiosk. Moustafa has previously been commissioned by Mars, Nestle, Nescafe, Lipton Tea, KitKt, Coca-Cola, P&G, Mountain Dew, Vodafone, Ericsson and Pampers.

Sprite exhibition stand looks like a neon lemon

Another shot of the Sprite exhibition stand highlighting its components

Inside the dome of the Sprite display stand

Coca-Cola Zero Exhibition Booth

Coca-Cola went for a cool look with these exhibition booths designed by 3D designer, Bahaa ElDin. The finished proposal featured 3 separate options for the soda legends to decipher between. Decisions, decisions!

Cool, Coca-Cola exhibition stand design. Option 1 shows a cola can on its side

Coca-Cola option 2 shows the cola can sitting upright . The inside of the can is an internet cafe

Option 3 of the coca cola exhibition stands looks more standard like a bar

Mars Chocolate Festival Palace Stand

In a bid to create a ‘World Class Chocolate Event’, Bahaa ElDin designed the Chocolate Festival Palace, to be displayed in Saudi Arabia to an audience of 12,000. Mars is already very popular in Saudi Arabia and the event was a big success. Other marketing involved included flyer distribution, email shots, social media, press releases and more. Each section of the palace was designed to represent the branding of each chocolate. For example, Twix’s area was based around their ‘pause’ concept with a relax section and soothing music, Galaxy focused on ‘Pure Chocolate Passion’ with a live cooking showcase to highlight chocolate indulgence and Snickers, being all about action, hosted a human Foosball game.

Chocolate palace exhibition stand looks all grand

Snickers' section with a life football arcade game and table

The galaxy indulgence kitchen

Beats Booth

This display stand design concept was thought up by Lilas Barakat for Beats. Lilas continued Beats signature logo and striking colour scheme throughout the stand. The images along the walls look like album covers on iTunes or Spotify, continuing the trend seamlessly throughout.

Exhibition stand for Dr. Dre Beats

More from the Dr. Dre Beats exhibition stand highlighting a wall with famous stars wearing beats headphones

Beats exhibition stand design concept has loads of sections

M&M’s Mars Event Booth Design

Launching, the first time an Egyptian design was approved by MARS International, Leap Media, is this fun and quirky shopping stand for  A design team of 8 helped create and produce this brightly coloured, sweet stand. The stand was installed and displayed in a shopping centre as a permanent aisle feature.

Graphic design drawing of the M&Ms sweet stand

Break down of the dimensions on the different sections of the M&M booth

Photo of the real product (sweet stand) which was installed at a shopping centre

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