Care home marketing tips

Care home marketing has become increasingly important in today’s ageing society.

As the population grows older, the demand for high-quality care continues to rise. This makes it essential for care homes to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Care home marketing is the cornerstone of building trust and attracting new residents.

We spoke to Shane McGrath, an expert in care home marketing from Glenholme, to discuss the top strategies for care homes to use to develop their presence and deliver a successful campaign.


Care home marketing: where to start?

There are two important areas to start with:

  • Refining your message
  • Knowing your audience

Refining your message

It’s often a tough decision for families when they reach the conclusion that a loved one needs the extra support and protection of a care home.

At this sensitive time, they need to feel reassurance from a provider that their loved one will receive the level of full-time care they deserve.

Prove that your care home can provide personalised, high-quality care and you will stand out from the crowd.

Shane added:

“Showing how you provide compassionate and personalised care really helps build trust for families when making this big decision.

“Many older people and their families are looking for a care home that offers compassionate, personalised care.

“Highlighting the quality of care you provide, and the individualised attention your staff gives to each resident can help you stand out from your competitors.”


Knowing your audience

The first step in any successful care home marketing campaign is to identify your target audience.

Who is your care home designed for? Do you offer a luxury, private package or is your service aimed at the wider elderly population?

Understanding the needs and preferences of your potential residents and their families is essential to creating a marketing plan that resonates with them.

Consider demographics, location, and specific needs when crafting your message.

Shane added:

“At Glenholme, we aim to target families of potential residents as they are the most likely to seek care for their relatives rather than older people themselves.

“We promote ourselves as a luxury care provider and aim to target private referrals. However, we do work with local GPs and hospitals too.

“Reaching those professional contacts is very important to us, especially when we have a new home opening.”


Build a strong online presence

In our digital age, a care home’s online presence is crucial for attracting new residents.

A user-friendly website, well-suited for potential residents and their families, with updated information, testimonials, and virtual tours can make a lasting first impression.

Social media platforms can also be used to share news, events, and positive stories, keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Shane added:

“In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is essential for any business.

“Websites and social media provide information about your care home, including the services offered, testimonials with high-quality photos and videos.

“One area that is often overlooked is to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate for all users.”


Invest in content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful way to showcase your expertise and build trust with your audience.

By creating informative, useful blogs, articles, and guides, you can address concerns and questions that potential residents or their families may have.

More broadly, content marketing can help to position your care home as an industry leader and a trusted source of information in the longer term.

Your marketing collateral should be a strong mixture of online material and physical print. While online content might be better suited to a potential resident’s family, print could be better suited to the residents themselves as it offers a familiarity they’re used to.

Shane added:

“It’s often overlooked by newer marketers in the industry but traditional media still plays an essential role in care home marketing. Older demographics are less inclined to spend much time online.

“Having good quality and informative collateral is important for any service-based business.

“Leafletting has proven effective for us at Glenholme as it allows us to deliver a concise message with key information about what we offer while not overloading people, but leaving room for those interested to initiate a conversation with us if they wish to know more.”


Utilise local advertising

Local advertising, such as newspaper ads and radio spots, can reach a targeted audience in your community.

Evidence shows that most potential care home residents will move to a place that remains close to where they lived previously or to their family.

Shane added:

“Typically people don’t want to move too far away from their families and communities when selecting a care home, and what with competition being so high, we usually have more local people coming to us.

“Usually, we see the majority of residents move to us from within a 20-mile radius.”


Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution

Care home Leaflet

Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution, a service Solopress provide, is a proven method for generating interest in your care home. This form of marketing is:

  • Time-saving
  • Trustworthy
  • Targeted


Shane added:

“Door-To-Door Distribution has been a cost-effective way for us to reach local people in specific areas around our service locations.

“While there are other areas of traditional marketing that we use, a lot of these rely on the potential clients coming across our advertisements (roadside displays, print advertisements etc.). However, Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution allows us to ensure that each household receives our message.”



Door-To-Door Distribution gets your Leaflets from design to doormat in one easy transaction. You save time by organising print and delivery with just one supplier, cutting out the hassle of coordinating two separate providers.


Solopress is the most trusted printer in the UK according to Trustpilot, and the Royal Mail has over five centuries of experience in delivery! Delivery is handled via their Leaflet drop, so your materials arrive along with the regular post.


Our Campaign Builder tool lets you pick out your audience according to a geographical area, age, household type and income bracket. This lets you be as precise or broad with who you want your care home marketing to reach.


Shane added:

“Solopress’ targeting tools have helped us refine our target areas by demographic.

“With previous services that we’ve used, we would have to just blanket an area and hope for the best. However, now with the demographic data, we have a clearer idea of where to target for maximum impact near our care homes.”

Open house events

Open house events provide a unique opportunity for care homes to showcase their facilities, services, and compassionate staff.

This allows potential clients to witness the welcoming and supportive environment first-hand.

By offering a tangible experience, care homes can create a strong emotional connection with visitors and their families, leading to increased trust and higher conversion rates.

Shane added:

“Hosting events such as open houses, family days, and community events can help you reach potential residents and their families.

“These events provide an opportunity to showcase your care home, introduce your staff, and answer any questions people may have.”

Care home marketing overview

Care home marketing is essential for attracting new residents and staying competitive in the industry.

By understanding your audience, building a strong online presence, investing in content marketing, and utilising local advertising methods like Solopress’ door-to-door leaflet distribution, you can increase awareness and grow your care home’s reputation.

For more information about our Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution service, read about how it was used by one of our customers,  Farnham Chiropractic.