How to create a brilliant nightclub flyer in 10 easy steps

How to create a nightclub flyer

When it comes to promoting a club, a stunning flyer can make all the difference between hosting a full house – or experiencing the embarrassment and financial loss of an empty dancefloor. Here’s our guide to making a nightclub flyer that will create the right buzz for your upcoming event…

How to create a nightclub flyer

1. Striking Image

Ensure your design has a strong main image that will help your nightclub flyer stand out and grab people’s attention. With so much ‘visual noise’ out on the streets, it’s one of the best ways your message will be able to compete against the competition. Many clubs frequently use a photo of a glamorous girl to promote their club nights. With the right clothes and styling of the model, backed up by a designer’s use of bold colouring elsewhere in the layout, such flyers immediately communicate a club’s funky, sexy vibe.

2. Minimalist Alternative

Or you could try a minimalist approach. Use big typography, a bright primary colour and a clever slogan to attract those eyeballs. As with all great creative designs, lots of experimentation will eventually yield the results you are looking for.

3. Name Game

So what’s your club or special one-off night called? Try and make the name catchy and easy for people to remember… and also say out loud to friends.

4. Who’s Appearing?

Next it’s time to give a name check to the big DJs, bands or celebrities who are appearing at your club that night.

5. When?

This is a no-brainer. Your nightclub flyer must include the date and time of your event. Timing is another important factor to consider. You don’t want your flyers going out too early or people will soon forget about your gig. However, the rapid 24-hour turnaround for flyer printing at companies like Solopress can help you boost the promotion of your club in the crucial few days prior to any event.

6. Where?

Again, you must mention where this happening club night is actually, erm, happening.

7. Dress Code

It’s always worth a club mentioning this little item on any promo flyers or posters. It’ll help avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness from disgruntled punters at the door. Smart/Casual or Dress to Impress are the usual catch all phrases. Or why not run a fancy dress competition or zany theme to get clubbers more interested and involved in your promotion?

8. Make A Connection

Adding a website, Facebook or Twitter address to your flyer will give people the opportunity to check out your club and events in more detail – before and after they actually visit. They will also be able to share any of these links with their friends and help spread the word about your club.

9. Social Media

Pack your website, Facebook and Twitter pages with lots of info about your club and any special forthcoming events. Add plenty of photos and videos from previous nights. Encourage comments from your regular clubbers and respond positively to any criticisms or suggestions they may have. Run a poll to ask who they’d most like to see DJ – or which celebrity should make a personal appearance at a future show. Offer up prizes for submitting the best ideas, maybe a free bottle of champagne or T-shirt during their next visit?

10. Freebies

Adding a money-saving ‘Free Entry Before 10pm’ or ‘Happy Hour’ deal on your flyer design is another clever trick to get your flyers widely distributed – and your bars filling up nicely before the 11pm to midnight rush. If you can, also offer some free music downloads on your nightclub’s website too. Clubbers will appreciate the opportunity to hear the type(s) of music your club provides. Other competitions and free giveaways are always great ways to get people interested in your clubbing venue and brand.

You now have all the essential building blocks to make a smoking hot nightclub flyer. We’d love to see what you come up with! Please scroll down this page to the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below and post your messages and image links (you can also comment via the Facebook panel)…

Image Source:
The Caribbean Latin Summer Party flyer shown above is available as a free template download from Louis Twelve, a freelance graphic designer based in Houston, Texas.


  1. Excellent points. Timing is so important! I’ve received flyers a week in advance before, and of course I forgot about that event when the day arrived!


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