How to make nightclub flyers

Nightclub Leaflet

When promoting a club night, a striking flyer can make all the difference between hosting a full house – or an empty dancefloor.

Learn how to make nightclub flyers that draw in the crowds and help spread the word about your club.


Are printed flyers still the best way to promote your nightclub?

Flyers have long been the promotional method of choice for venues hosting gigs, events and club nights – think of the flyers you’ve received about the latest music event happening near you.

Nightclub flyers are:

  • Simple to pass on – all you need is someone to distribute your flyer and you’ve got an easy way to advertise your club.
  • Cheap to print – buying a large batch to hand out over a wider area is a relatively inexpensive way to spread the word.
  • Can be printed at short notice – when you’ve got a last-minute act booked, you can print a bulk amount in very little time.


Designing a nightclub flyer

Getting started with your nightclub flyer design is simple. But there are a few things you want to get right.

Choose the right image

Ensure your flyer has a strong image that immediately catches the attention of the recipient. With so much ‘visual noise’ on the streets, it’s one of the best ways to make sure your event gets noticed.

Popular nightclub flyers usually include imagery such as:

  • Lifestyle photography – a bright photo of people having fun at your club – or perhaps an abstract photo that simply looks good on a flyer?
  • Graphic designs – a DJ or dance-themed event might be more suited to minimalist, graphic design style imagery.

The image you choose will depend on the vibe of your club and the type of crowd you’re wanting to attract.

Use appropriate fonts

Use eye-catching typography, a bright primary colour and a clever slogan to make sure your nightclub flyer stands out.

It’s important to ensure the font(s) you choose doesn’t get lost in your image. It’s good design practice to choose colours which provide a stark contrast.

Include all the key information

Make sure your potential visitors can find out everything they need to know about your club and any events you’re hosting, just by simply glancing at your flyer.

Essential information that should be on your flyer includes:

  • Nightclub address – clearly state your address and postcode – if people are getting taxis to and from there, it’s makes things much easier.
  • Who’s appearing – list the DJs, bands or celebrities appearing at your club – give prominence to your headline acts.
  • Date, time of an event – a no-brainer – your nightclub flyer must include the date and time of any special club nights you’re hosting.
  • Dress code – defining the dress code helps to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness from disgruntled attendees at the door.
  • Entry fee – displaying the price of entry on your flyer can influence whether someone comes along or not.

Advertise your social media handles

Adding your nightclub’s social media handles to your flyer will give people the opportunity to check out your club and any upcoming or past events in more detail – before and after they visit.

They’ll also be able to share these links with their friends and help to spread the word about your club too – free promotion is always handy.

Share it on social media

Sharing your flyer on social media will help you to engage with new audiences and encourage news of your event to travel faster.

It’s useful to get your social media strategy in-line with your flyer, so be sure to:

  • Update your sites – pack your website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages with information about your club and any special events coming up.
  • Interact with followers – add plenty of photos and videos from previous nights. Encourage comments from your regular clubbers and respond positively to any criticisms or suggestions.
  • Run a poll – ask who they’d most like to see DJ – or which celebrity should make a personal appearance at a future show.
  • Advertise giveaways – offer prizes for submitting the best ideas, maybe a free bottle of champagne or T-shirt during their next visit?

Offer incentives

Everyone loves free stuff, so adding a money-saving incentive to your flyer can be a great way to entice clubbers, such as:

  • Free entry before 10pm
  • ‘Happy hour’ promotion deals
  • 2-4-1 on cocktails from 6pm – 8pm

With these perks, you should be able to fill your bar nicely before the 11pm to midnight rush.

Perfectly time distributing your flyers

Once you’ve got your flyers looking great, it’s all about hitting the sweet-spot with the timing of their distribution.

Start handing them out too early and people will forget about your event, too late and people may already have made plans.

In-between a week or two in advance is perfect, with a bigger push in the days before and on the day of the event.

Before the event starts on the evening, you might also be able to persuade people to change their plans last minute and come along. Learn how to distribute flyers with our guide.

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