Making an impact at exhibitions

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As 2011 is well underway, many businesses may be beginning to prepare for forthcoming exhibitions, trade shows and other corporate events. So to assist you in any exhibitions that you may have lined up, here are some of our top considerations.

1. Visual Impact Is Key

Standing out from competitors and other exhibitors means that visual impact is key. For this reason, many businesses choose to have a display stand such as a roller banner, which if well designed can help attract prospective customers. When designing your display banner it is important to consider where about’s on the stand it is likely to be placed, for example if it is going to be used at the back of the stand then it may be necessary to ensure that any business contact details are placed higher up on the banner to ensure that customers can readily see them. Similarly if it is going to viewed from a distance, keep the design and details fairly bold.

2. Hand Out Business Literature

One of the key benefits of exhibitions is that staff are able to interact with potential customers, however it can be worthwhile presenting the customer with some relevant business literature for them to read at their leisure after the exhibition. Also consider handing out business cards to customers or including them in your information pack.

3. Consider Promotional Products

In addition to informative literature it can be worth considering handing out promotional products such as notebooks and keyrings. A novelty gift can be an effective way of ensuring that your company name is always accessible for the customer. However, it is also important to consider whether the gift fits with the overall business, some businesses may not be suited to gimmicky products.

4. Encourage Delegates To Visit Your Stand

Offer some sort of incentive to visit the stand – run a competition or a give-away.  If the prize is something out of the ordinary, it can really get people talking and make you the one of the most visited stands at the exhibition.

5. Know The Layout

If possible, always find out about your allocated stand as this can help you to prepare the layout in advance, and if necessary make any adjustments before the event rather than as a last minute panic.

6. Create A Press Pack

Find out if there is going to be a press room and make sure that your organisation has a press pack in there. This should contain details about what you are exhibiting as well as the most recent launches/press releases and company background information.  Put all the information in branded, eye-catching folders to stand out from other press packs on the shelf. Make sure you get this information to the press room a day or two before the exhibition opens as most of the media tend to visit on day one and also do a quick check to make sure you information is in prime position.


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