Marketing your gift basket business

fresh bagel ideas for marketing your gift basket business
A basket of bagels

Gift baskets are a popular and stylish choice for holiday giving.

A far cry from the old selection of over-ripe fruit or strange teas, if you run a gift basket company you know that these days they are hip, relevant and filled with things people actually want. There is still plenty of time left for Christmas shopping, and with a few fresh ideas for marketing your gift basket business, you can reach a wider audience for your wares!

pink themed ideas for marketing your gift basket business

Be Varied

Creativity and diversity with your gift basket item selection is key. The more different types of items you’ve got, the more unique baskets you’ll be able to make. This, in turn, will make them appeal to a wider audience. Some ideas for baskets to offer include:

  • Spa day baskets
  • Chocolate lover baskets
  • Pet treat baskets
  • Superhero baskets
  • Bacon flavoured treat baskets
  • Date night baskets
  • Coffee baskets
  • Gluten free baskets
  • Beer lover baskets

The possibilities are endless! For baskets with more unique themes, it might be wise to offer limited selection with the ability to order greater quantities of stock, should they prove popular.

Be At The Ready

In addition to unique specialty baskets, general gift baskets are highly likely to be popular this holiday season. And general doesn’t have to mean boring! Fill them with a mix of delicious premium teas, the most popular coffees and latte syrups, locally produced jams and chutneys, gourmet biscuits and sweets, kitchen utensils and other in-demand bits and pieces that are sure to appeal to a fairly wide audience. It may be a good advertising point to announce that at key times you always stock a selection of baskets to suit all budgets, that can be at the ready within a few hours or by the next day. They make perfect last minute gifts!

a canadian pretzel gift basket

Be Direct

Gift baskets are presents for everyone – but should be marketed to different audiences in specific ways. For example, the language you use and the marketing methods you employ when reaching out to corporate clients may be different than how you approach young mums or pet lovers. Utilising a tailored approach will catch the attention of more people, as they’re being contacted in ways that are most meaningful to them.

Be Appreciative

When marketing your gift basket business, keep in mind that the holidays are an ideal time to let your customers know you appreciate them. This should be done in a few different ways; first, a small discount on an initial purchase may bring in new customers. Second, a bonus for repeat customers will help build up rapport and keep them coming back. By offering a few different incentives, you will create a balance between increasing customer loyalty and drawing in new business.

You might also consider hosting an event to showcase your basket-making talents. Depending on where you run your business, you may want to hold it at your shop, through a series of home parties or at an alternative venue. Getting up close and personal with the items you feature in your baskets and what the finished product looks like are a great way to encourage more people to buy.

fresh bagel ideas for marketing your gift basket business

Be Accessible

Reaching out to potential customers in several different ways increases the odds of attracting a wider audience to your business. A website, preferably with a shopping cart enabling customers to purchase online, makes your products easily accessible to customers. Social media, such as a Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter profile, will increase your exposure. And print media should not be overlooked, either. Beautifully designed business cards and eye-catching folded leaflets will draw attention to your wares and offer new contacts an easy reminder to look you up online and get in touch.

Most of all, be creative and have fun! Gift baskets are fun – to create, to give, and to receive! Make sure you convey that genuine sense of happiness and it will come through in all your marketing efforts, making your business one that people are keen to buy from for the holidays.

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