Rainy day marketing ideas

Man With Umbrella

Don’t let the rain dampen your day. Here are some products to make sure that your marketing is not washed away with the wet weather.


Vinyl Banners

The perfect way to shout about your latest upcoming event; these vinyl banners come in a range of sizes suitable for all occasions. The banners are a sturdy solution and easily secured with heavy-duty eyelets and are printed full colour at 720dpi onto a heavyweight 500gsm vinyl. This substantial material PVC is fully weather-resistant and a sure-fire way to ensure your promotion doesn’t go unnoticed.

Vinyl Banner



Being able to withstand winds up to 18mph, our printed flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. With an option of Quill, Feather, Edge and Crest styles, they are available in a choice of four different sizes to suit every occasion.

The full fibre pole, available in four different lengths, gives additional strength & flexibility offering peace of mind that this flag pole will always perform. Once in position, your flag can be held in place with a secure nylon cord for easy assembly. Highly adaptable with a selection of different bases, you can handpick each element of your flag to meet your unique requirements.

Printed Flags



With a choice of three different materials available in a wide range of sizes, there is something for everybody with our fantastic signage solutions. Whether you are looking for a lightweight Foamex board or a crack-resistant DiBond board, we have the product for you.

All of our signage boards are suitable for external and interior use, fully weatherproof, UV Stable for up to 2 years and 100% recyclable meaning that you can be sure to find the ideal option to suit your individual needs.

Signage Boards


Encapsulated Posters

Encapsulation is the process of completely encasing a poster within a strong plastic film. The outcome becomes a fantastic, all-weather waterproof, wipe clean and very hard-wearing poster. These are ideal for outdoor usage where they will be exposed to the elements or anywhere where dirt levels are high. These posters are ideal for usage in industrial areas to ensure that your posters are extra durable and long-lasting.

We don’t offer encapsulated posters online at the moment, but our customer service team would be happy to provide you with a quote. For more information please give us a call on 01702 460047 or email [email protected].

Encapsulated Poster


A Boards

A-Boards are the classic choice for keeping passers-by in the know about your bar, restaurant or shop. Our robust, silver aluminium A-Boards made with durability in mind and anti-glare PVC poster covers to protect your important brand message from the elements and make sure that you stand out from the crowd.