Stick ‘Em Up! 10 Great Ways For Businesses To Use Stickers

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Stickers can be as much a part of your marketing campaigns as your posters, flyers, booklets, brochures, swing tags, and product packaging. Here are some great ways in which you could use stickers of various shapes, colours, designs and sizes to spread the word about your company – easily, creatively and cost-effectively:

By utilising stickers you can convey your key messages and promote your brand, products, services, events, promos and more. In advertising, stickers can be used ‘traditionally’ (on car bumpers, CD cases, etc.) or highly innovatively (see below!).


Highlight a Key Benefit: Put a sticker on your product to draw attention to what makes it special. On a DVD case, a ‘just released’ sticker is proven in accelerating sales. Or if you sell novels, a ‘limited edition signed by the author’ sticker could result in increased demand for the exclusive version.

Advertise a Sale: Customers always move items around a shop so simply having a ‘XX% off’ sale banner above your reduced items doesn’t always mean the sale items stay together. A brightly-coloured sticker  with bold text could help potential buyers really understand which products qualify for a discount (and which don’t!)

Give Potential Buyers Extra Information: ‘Endorsed by a Celebrity!’, ‘Locally Sourced’, ‘Wheat-Free’, etc., etc.

Point Customers Towards Your Website: Put stickers on your goods advertising your web address, blog, social networking page(s), etc., and also mention some must-read info at your site: ‘Sign up for our e-newsletter and receive monthly discounts’.

Create a Buzz (e.g. by posing a question, like What’s Rachel Wearing?): This marketing approach never fails to create a groundswell of interest that simply grows and grows, and gets people talking; in fact, some sticker campaigns that have posed an unanswered question have ‘gone national’, even being talked about on the TV and radio news. The whole idea is to build interest and create suspense over time, until the question of What’s Rachel Wearing? (or something similar) is finally answered and the audience you’ve cleverly built-up is sitting there to be sold to.

Raise Awareness & Warn People: Not all sticker campaigns are for commercial use, of course; plenty of charities and not-for-profit organisations use stickers to raise awareness of a serious local, national or even global issue (e.g. ‘Real men use condoms’, or ‘Drink Responsibly’, or ‘Smear Tests Save Lives’).

In industries such as Building, Construction, Engineering, and Catering, etc., stickers can be used as warnings (danger, health hazard, no smoking, don’t touch, hot, poisonous, flammable, wear gloves, strictly no admittance…)

Surprise People (pleasantly!): by having circular stickers stuck to the base of the bottles (or containers) your company produces and sells. As the bottle is tipped forwards, the sticker could say ‘Smile’, or ‘Wow! You’re gorgeous!’ or even just be a funny image that gives people a chuckle and has them talking about your brand, telling others about it (and maybe even collecting the whole range of bottles/stickers, thereby boosting your sales!).

Motivate People: Create customised motivational stickers for your business or organisation for both customers and staff. Inspire people, make them feel better about where they work (or study) and what they do, create a sense of inclusion…Similarly, it’s a no brainer that children respond well to stickers, so why not encourage them do perform better in their swimming/karate/ballet/french lessons by giving them a sticker? Motivated kids are likely to want to return to your establishment time after time.


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