What is a print API? How Soloflo can help businesses who sell print

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When your business involves sourcing print for resale, finding avenues for greater efficiency can be a game-changer. Using a print provider that offers an Application Programming Interface (API) can be a strategic asset for any organisation needing to coordinate frequently with its suppliers. 

As Solopress grows, so do its customers – in both scale and scope. After receiving significant feedback on the subject, it became clear in the last 12 months that the time was right to introduce our own API solution. The integration of an API makes processes even more streamlined for our clients, especially for larger businesses, print resellers, and sectors that benefit from seamless transactions with print services.

Defining an API in the print industry context

So what is an API? To anyone involved in the world of IT, an API (Application Programming Interface) is a blanket term for any interface that allows disparate systems to communicate with and instruct one another. In the world of print, however, an API is understood to be the application that acts as a bridge  between print resellers—or businesses dealing with print—and their printing suppliers, enabling smooth communication. This digital conduit allows for automated ordering, real-time updates, and streamlined operations.

The challenges faced by businesses sourcing print

For businesses in sectors such as content creation, tech start-ups, or traditional print reselling, sourcing print efficiently is critical. These companies value building relationships with their customers, securing competitive deals, and effectively distributing products. 

Operationally, the task of processing customer orders and manually inputting them on the printer’s website is a tedious one, and one which introduces a risk of keying errors.

The role of an API in addressing these challenges

By sending order information seamlessly from end-user to printer, an API can eliminate the task of re-entering the data on the printer’s platform. With features like automated ordering, real-time tracking, and inventory management, APIs ensure these businesses can operate more efficiently.

Benefits of using an API

Streamlined operations

APIs simplify the ordering process, making it easier to manage bulk orders or custom requests.


Automation reduces the scope of errors, which translates to cost savings.

Real-time transparency

Businesses can monitor the progress of their orders in real time, enabling better planning and customer communication.

White-label policies

A crucial aspect, especially for traditional resellers, is the ability for APIs to support white-label branding, thereby preserving the reseller’s relationship with the end customer.

Introducing Soloflo

Soloflo, Solopress’s API solution, is designed with the understanding that the world of print is a far better place with businesses that source and resell print. Soloflo aims to function as a tool that fosters collaboration and efficiency.


How Soloflo helps:

Discreet delivery

Soloflo operates under a strict white-label policy, ensuring that the reseller’s branding is at the forefront.

Efficiency and accuracy

Soloflo enables quicker and more accurate orders through automation.


Soloflo places a high premium on data security to ensure that your business and customer information remains confidential.

How Soloflo solves challenges

For businesses that source and sell print, Soloflo provides a host of features designed to solve industry-specific challenges. It aims to build a stronger link in the supply chain by offering streamlined services that maintain the integrity and independence of the reseller’s relationship with their customers.

With the aim of fostering collaboration, Soloflo serves as a robust tool for any business involved in sourcing and reselling print. It enhances operational efficiency while preserving the crucial roles that these businesses play in the print industry.

Partnering up to streamline the way you source print

Navigating the intricate landscape of print reselling or sourcing print as a business has its fair share of challenges. This is where a comprehensive API solution like Soloflo comes into its own. Designed to foster collaboration and enhance operational efficiency, Soloflo offers a carefully assembled set of features tailored to meet the needs of businesses in diverse sectors—from tech start-ups to content creators and traditional print resellers.

Why choose Soloflo?


No matter your platform, Soloflo is designed to integrate seamlessly, offering you unmatched adaptability.


With real-time updates and fixed-term pricing, Soloflo takes the guesswork out of print reselling.

Maintain your SKUs

There’s no need to rework your existing systems—Soloflo works with your existing SKU codes.

Human touch

Benefit from personalised account management that understands your business and caters to your specific needs.

Direct communication

Your customers stay informed with tracking and delivery updates sent directly to them.

Bespoke products

If our standard range doesn’t meet your needs, Soloflo can help you create custom-spec items tailored to your requirements.

Whether you’re a traditional reseller concerned about the role of technology in your industry or a new-age business looking for a more efficient way to manage your print sourcing, Soloflo provides a reassuring and efficient solution. Take the first step towards more streamlined print reselling today.

Get plugged in

Don’t let complex order processing slow you down. Get ahead with Soloflo and make your print sourcing and reselling more efficient than ever. For more information, call us today at 01702 460047 or visit the Soloflo page to learn more.