Exhibit like an expert: 6 tips for exhibition materials at your event

Exhibition materials and promotional items plant the seed of your brand inside potential customers’ heads. Having a piece of your business with them long after the event, alongside the experience you produced on the day, provides the perfect ground for this seed to flourish into a potentially loyal and engaged future customer.

We spoke to our customers who are seasoned exhibitioners to pass on their experiences and advice so your next event can be a huge success! Here are six essential tips regarding exhibition materials to boost your brand awareness at your next trade show.

1 – Exhibition materials: crafting the foundation

The foundation of any event is the quality and authenticity of the exhibition materials you provide. Consider these items as the building blocks; they set the tone and form the initial impression.

Whether you’re going with elegantly textured Brochures, intricately designed Banners, or immersive backdrop designs, every element should resonate with brand identity.

But more than just appearance, the tactile aspect can’t be understated. In a digital age, the touch and feel of quality paper or an innovative material can distinguish your brand. For many visitors, it’s these tangible elements that stick in memory.

Create exhibition materials that resonate with both your brand image and customers. Branded Water Bottles are something all customers will use no matter their industry.

Ask yourself, are the promotional gifts you’re planning to provide at your event relevant to your customers? Make sure your content is relevant to your client base.

promotional items

Bring premium materials that highlight what makes your brand the solution that passing customers need. If you’re an eco-friendly business, green materials that are sustainable offer the perfect solution to subtly communicate your brand’s commitment to the environment.

David Gilbert Photography told us: “Remember, you only have a very short time to draw in potential clients, so try to stand out. Gimmicks such as good quality giveaways sweeties, badges, stickers, and balloons may also help.”

Sanderling Books added: “Giveaways are key! Hand something to your visitors that they can take away with them which includes your name, business name and a strong message.

“Leaflets are great for making people continue to think about you after the event.”

2 – Making an interactive stand design: Engage, don’t just display

Stepping into an exhibition can be likened to entering a vast library. How do you ensure your ‘book’ gets picked up and read? The secret lies in interactivity.

Gone are the days of passive booths with simple displays. In this age, visitors seek engagement. Imagine a stand where attendees can customise products on a touch screen or immerse themselves in a virtual tour of your facility using VR headsets.

Interactive displays aren’t only limited to digital. Crafting a physical journey through your booth, using a topical or timely narrative, can guide visitors and leave a lasting impact. This dynamic experience ensures not only passing glances but genuine, prolonged interest.

exhibition materials

Utilise technology; QR codes leading to exclusive content or specific products can expand the conversation beyond the physical space.

Brilliant Publications added: “We’ve found that customers are reluctant to take away heavy catalogues. We’d recommend printing a less bulky Brochure or Leaflet and making use of QR codes that link to your website or specific pages, so they can access more information on your product easily.”

Similarly, integrating augmented reality can provide depth to product demonstrations.

3 – How can exhibitors get their message across to as many visitors as possible?

The key challenge for an exhibitor is making your voice heard in a chorus of competition. Your message should be compelling and consistent.

Start by distilling your brand’s essence into a succinct, clear message. Every Poster, Brochure, and even digital display should sing this tune.

52 Design & Advertising told us: “Bold, simple, short sales statements are so effective. Concentrate on the key benefits of what you do – the things that will improve your ideal customer’s life the best!

“Don’t try to say everything you can do at once. Stick to the headline and most impactful stuff. Try to make an emotional connection to the audience, not an intellectual one.”

Exhibition stand

Personal touches, like free samples or one-on-one consultations, make visitors feel valued. This can make it more likely to convert them into customers or brand ambassadors. With a harmonised strategy, you’ll ensure your message resonates far and wide.

4 – Promotional items: freebies, brand ambassadors and everything in between

Branded items are the silent ambassadors of your business, continuing the conversation long after the exhibition ends. However, the key is to move beyond generic and into the realm of memorable.

Think of items that intertwine utility with uniqueness. Again, ensure that all items relate to both your brand and customers.

Promotional Items

Producing branded Beanies for customers who work outdoors makes sense, but are they relevant to those who have office-based jobs?

Every item should be an embodiment of brand values, something that visitors take home. It’s this consistency of brand experience that ensures prolonged engagement.

Speaking of brand ambassadors, make sure all your staff attending are singing off the same hymn sheet as your exhibition materials. Having disinterested or uninformed staff can be the biggest turn-off for potential customers.

Telsa Media added: “Pro-active, well-presented and informed staff can help ensure that your message gets across to as many customers as possible. Don’t worry so much about merch, have a positive attitude and speak to people.”

5 – The most important exhibition materials to take to your event: quality over quantity

Merchandise selection is a critical decision as it can be tempting to overload visitors with promotional items.

Prioritise quality and relevance. Each item should not just be a souvenir, but a tool for immersion.

Wild Olive said: “Have plenty of Brochures and price lists to keep customers informed and engaged. We’ve found that POS Cards are great to enhance your display.

“Having soft displays such as plants can give your stand an attractive ambience. Ensure your products are easy to see. Personally, we make sure our items are always well-lit next to a display board with clear selling points that let people know what separates us from everyone else.”

Something as simple as Mugs and Cups can become a daily reminder of your brand’s ethos.

branded merchandise

Providing items that intertwine with your customer’s daily routines is a subtle way to ensure your brand remains a regular thought and not just a fleeting memory.

Networking Health added: “A clean and ironed Tablecloth can be useful if you’re using a table to display items. Think about any additional products you might need such as holders for any literature.

“If you have the budget, then any freebies can always just add interest and colour to the stand. Even a bowl of sweets and chocolates always go down a treat!”

6 – Competitions: a magnet for engagement

Competitions can serve as powerful magnets, drawing visitors into the embrace of your brand. But how you present this competition can set you apart.

Beyond the promise of a prize, think about the materials you use to promote it. Use QR codes on Banners to connect your physical display to your digital leads, providing an interactive experience.

What should your competition prize be? Popular choices are:

  • Money
  • Experiences
  • Products
  • Discounts

Whatever your prize is, it should be relevant and echo your brand values. Lucky winners should feel close to your company. Competitions have huge potential to boost your brand amongst the sea of exhibitors and create a consistent buzz around your stand.

The excitement generated by a well-executed competition, combined with impeccable exhibition materials, can amplify your brand’s presence, making it a memorable highlight of the event.

Brean Leisure Park added: “We always create a competition and provide high-quality freebies. Useful products will linger on people’s desks for longer which means your brand will too!”

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