10 Cool Membership Card Designs

Quirky tape-recorder style membership card for iLuvCrew by Roberto Chriqui
iLuvCrew Membership Card by Roberto Chriqui

Membership cards are great business opportunities, but which design should you use?

Take a look in your purse and grab all the random membership cards you’ve gathered over the years. I have: a Superdrug Beauty card, Subway, Casino (forced to upon entry), Tastecard, Boots Advantage card and Nectar card.

The point is, membership cards are carried about everywhere. When people are given one they keep them in their wallets and purses alongside driving licences, credit cards and other important items.

In addition, a membership card also sends a message of exclusivity. The mere suggestion that there’s even ‘membership’ in your business can make someone feel special and unique – an individual that can expect a higher level of experience than with anyone else.

So, now that we’ve realised membership cards are pretty much ingenious business opportune moments waiting to happen, let’s take a look at some great membership card designs to get you inspired.

A group of 6 black and white, simplistic membership cards by the Design Museum.
1. Design Museum Membership Card for Associate, Member, Student and Access
Group of 6 1920s - 1933 membership cards using at speakeasies.
2. 1920 – 1933 Speakeasy Membership Cards
Quirky membership card for a cleaners as a pocket that looks like a washing machine.
3. Johnsons The Cleaners Membership Card
Grey and black membership cards by Goldie's
4. Goldie’s Zabu Zabu Membership Card by Blue Stag Studio
FOTA wildlife park membership card featured a close up of a striking zebra.
5. FOTA Wildlife Park Membership Card
Quirky, childish membership card by Cadbury's Curlywurly in 1982
6. 1982 Cadbury’s Curlywurly Membership Card
Inspired design from American Express are these glamorous, metallic membership cards for eVIP Branding by OrangeSlice
7. eVIP Membership Cards by OrangeSlice
Quirky tape-recorder style membership card for iLuvCrew by Roberto Chriqui
8. iLuvCrew Membership Card by Roberto Chriqui
Quirky and retro looking membership card for lunchalot.com by Thammasin Darunkan
9. Lunchalot.com Membership Card by Thammasin Darunkan
Geometric membership card for Ladies VIP Norway by Olga Trubkina Nilson
10. Ladies VIP Norway Membership Card by Olga Trubkina Nilsen

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  1. Yes, you do feel special when you have a membership card. Particularly love the history behind the speakeasy ones, but my favourite has to be the Design Museum. The simplicity yet original viewpoint is inspired.

  2. Agreed, it’s a way to make your customer feel that little bit special, like they would be your priority. You feel like your a bit of a V.I.P with your membership card, plus it’s a great way to get customers to return. I save my Boots & Nectar Card points up all year & then treat my family at Christmas using my points 🙂

    P.S so how do I get in the Curlywurly club?!


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