5 Tattoo Shop Marketing Ideas

kat von d artist tattoo shop marketing
Kat Von D's High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood, California.

As tattoos are far more mainstream now than ever, tattoo shops are upping the ante, with highly talented artists situated in stylish locales, ready to decorate those with enough bravery and commitment to go under the needle. But as getting tattooed rises in popularity, and reality TV shows featuring the lifestyles of artists entice more to this career, competition is heating up.

So what can tattoo shops do to stand out? And how can aspiring tattooists make names for themselves? Here are five tattoo shop marketing tips that will set them apart from their competitors and reach out to those who are considering “getting inked.”

kat von d artist tattoo shop marketing
Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood, California.

1. Offer Friday The 13th Specials

Friday the 13th is a fun date on the calendar to offer specific promotions, and it’s actually rather easy to plan for. Just remember that any month which begins on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th in it. One great idea for tattoo shop marketing is to offer a limited selection of small, £13 tattoos. Think horseshoes, black cats, dice, playing cards, skulls, spiderwebs or tombstones.

2. Reach Out To The Community

There are still some people who associate tattoo shops with the seedier aspects of the past, and reaching out to the community at large is a fantastic way to break down any remaining barriers and show what talented artists tattooists really are. Shops can sponsor a charitable group or event of their choice and offer a specific range of tattoos at discounted rates, with all proceeds from them going to the cause.

marketing for tattoo shops
The buzzing neon light of a tattoo parlour.

3. Utilise Social Media

Social media is an affordable and visually stimulating way to reach out to prospective customers and show off your work. Burgeoning artists can share sketches and applied tattoos on Facebook albums and Pinterest boards, where incredible cover up work is often particularly appealing. Social media also provides prime opportunities to share client testimonials, after care tips and specials.

4. Create Cool Promotional Items

Some shops may give them away, while others sell them, but tattoo shop marketing items like t-shirts, bobble hats and bumper stickers are a brilliant method of promotion. Put those artistic talents to the test and create something clients will proudly show off, along with their ink.

tattoo shop promotional items
“Tattoo Lovers” t-shirts.

5. Maximise Impact With Print Materials

When it comes to creating print materials, remember they aren’t just a way to advertise prices or pass along a phone number – they’re another outlet to display tattoo art. Make the most of the chance to wow a prospective client by getting bold and creative with business card printing and the creation of custom posters and leaflets, featuring unique tattoo art. Of course, the greatest advertisements tattooists will ever have are the people walking around with their artwork permanently marked on their skin, but it’s a matter of getting them in the door, first. Tattoo artists are not afraid to get creative or detailed with their creations, so they shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to their tattoo shop marketing. Be consistent with style, put the same care and attention into it as goes into the craft, and an artist make a name for themselves as a tattooist with distinction.



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