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Tattoos and tattooing culture have entered the mainstream in recent years. Instagram has given tattoo artists global exposure to their work – and it’s common now for relatively well-known artists to have upwards of 70,000 followers.

But tattoo shop marketing is about more than Instagram. And with the proliferation of tattoo shops in towns and cities up and down the country it can be hard to cut through the ink. Read our tattoo shop promotion ideas to help get you and your artists even more noticed.


Offer Friday the 13th specials

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Friday the 13th is a fun date on the calendar to offer specific promotions – and it’s easy to plan. Remember, any month which begins on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th date.

One quirky idea for a tattoo shop promotion is to offer a limited selection of small, £13 tattoos. Think horseshoes, black cats, dice, playing cards, skulls, spiderwebs or tombstones.

Why do it?

Bring in new clients. That person who would never previously have had a tattoo but came in for a Friday 13th special could soon be booking in for a whole sleeve.

Top tip: Look out for other national days and events you can align with through themed deals and in-shop events like drinks and music. Build out an annual marketing calendar so you know what’s coming up and when.


Reach out to the community

There are still some people who associate tattoo shops with the seedier aspects of the past, and reaching out to the community at large is a fantastic way to break down any remaining barriers and show what talented artists tattooists really are. Shops can sponsor a charitable group or event of their choice and offer a specific range of tattoos at discounted rates, with all proceeds from them going to the cause.

marketing for tattoo shops

Tattoo shops are cool – they have cachet. Use some of that cachet to help make a difference in the local community. Try things like…

  • Promoting special causes by offering a specific range of tattoos at discounted rates – donating proceeds to charity
  • Sponsoring a local sports team – feature one of your logo and artists’ designs on their strip
  • Holding a stall at local event – print T-shirts and postcards of your popular designs and offer consultations with your artists

Why do it?

Reaching out to the local community using techniques like sponsorship, charitable events and flyer campaigns can really showcase who you are and what you do – putting you on the local map.

Top tip: Search local listings and community groups on social media to find upcoming events to get involved in.


Use social media to promote your skills

Tattooed Person Using Their Mobile Phone

We said tattoo shop marketing is about more than Instagram – but social media is pretty much essential alongside other forms of advertising. Just ask one of those artists with 80k followers and full bookings ‘til Christmas.

The main thing to showcase is obviously your artists’ latest work. But you can also share useful information, such as:

  • Client testimonials of the newly tattooed
  • Aftercare tips to showcase expertise
  • Special offers and promotional prices

Artists can also share sketches from their design portfolio on Facebook albums, Instagram and Pinterest boards – where incredible cover-up work is often particularly popular.

Use images of previous work to promote your Friday the 13th offers. And encourage customers to tag you in any pictures they post of your work online. Curious followers can then click through to your page, potentially gaining you new followers, likes, shares and business.

Why do it?

Social media offers a cheap and effective way to reach thousands of potential customers and easily demonstrate your artists’ skills and designs.

Top tip: Use as many social media platforms as possible to increase your visibility and potential audience.


Create cool promotional items

Some shops may give them away, while others sell them, but tattoo shop marketing items like t-shirts, bobble hats and bumper stickers are a brilliant method of promotion. Put those artistic talents to the test and create something clients will proudly show off, along with their ink.

tattoo shop promotional items

Some tattoo shops give them away while others sell them, either way, each of the following promotional items can help boost your brand:

  • T-shirts featuring popular artists’ designs
  • Caps featuring the shop logo
  • Homewares like printed mugs and recyclable coffee cups

You’ve already got the talent at your disposal, so nothing needs outsourcing. Create a cool line of clothing and you’ll have multiple walking advertisements for your shop.

Why do it?

Promotional items display your artists’ talents, increase your physical marketing and can help increase profits if you sell them in your shop.

Top tip: Think about your clients’ common interests and style to create promotional items that appeal to their lifestyles.


Maximise impact with print materials

Tattooed Person Carrying Clipboard

Much like T-shirts and baseball caps, print materials like posters are a great way to promote your tattoo shop and the work of your artists. Think…

Print materials like posters and flyers work effectively alongside your digital promotions – particularly for events. They can be handed out to get more eyes on your services and product offering – displaying your professionalism for all to see.

Of course, the greatest advertisement tattooists have are the people walking around with their artwork permanently marked on their skin, but it’s a matter of getting them in the door first. Be consistent with style and put the same care and attention into your print materials as you do your craft.

Why do it?

Print materials can generate leads. They inform people of where your shop is, provide contact details, show off your design skills and offering and add a personal touch between you and your client.

Top tip: Maintain a consistent design across printed and social media marketing materials to grow brand awareness.

Ready to get started? Put your tattoo shop centre stage with flyers and leaflets to promote your next event


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