3D Printing: Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir

3D Printed Thors Hammer Mjolnir

Thor 2: The Dark World is in Cinemas as of today – and to celebrate the re-appearance of Thor’s long manly viking hair Thor & Co once again, here’s a look at some creative genius from Thor fans…

 hor_the_dark_world_poster 2

3D Printed Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir)

The guys over at REDICUBRICKS have designed and 3D printed a mini Mjolnir!

They’ve even gone so far as to add a weathered look to the paint job, and wrap a strip of leather around the handle to give it that extra realism. If only they could 3D print us a real-life Chris Hemsworth to go with it – there’s a niche in the market, right there.

3D Printing

For those of you not in the know, 3D printing is more and more available to us regular folks rather than just for commercial use. 3D printing works just like a regular inkjet printer – but uses layers of plastics, resins or even metals, ceramics and foodstuffs to build up a 3 dimensional ‘real’ product.

It has been used to make car parts, chocolates and even bikinis! Since 2011 3D printers have become readily available to the public rather than just commercial printers, with Maplin having one for sale for just under £700!


  1. I have just seen the film. It will be amazing to see the progress that is made in 3D printing in the coming years !

  2. 3D printing is the next big technological revolution waiting to happen! The ability to produce products of any shape or form in the comfort of our own home will rapidly change the marketing, supply and production chains around the world. If we could get them to print in many more materials it would be truly revolutionary.

  3. I’m really fascinated by 3D printing, bravo to the guys over at Redicubriks for making such a realistic mini Mjolnir, love it! You taking any orders?!

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