Cool Coffee Cups – Rebranding, Packaging & Design

Mr. Cup Coffee - flashing gif demonstrating the simplicity of the Mr. Cup coffee muf

Wrap your fingers round these cool coffee cups – guaranteed to give you a caffeinated buzz.

Sweez – Sweet & Freezing

The branding project for Sweez was undertaken by Maurício Cardoso, co-owner of Brazilian design company Epic! Aventuras Criativas. The rebrand was based around the Sweez’s image – vintage, retro and fun. Cardoso enjoyed working on this piece, as the company’s owners only run with the launch of Sweez once the branding was approved.

Sweez logo - teal background with cream / beige cartoon and typography

Photo of a waitress at Sweez holding their cute, retro-looking coffee cup

Sweez rebranding image shows new letterheads, envelopes, business cards and flyers. The flyers look like a half-opened chocolate bar

Sweez coffee cup with personalised sugar packets

Photo of the toilet ceiling shows chocolate down the walls and hanging off the ceiling

MR. CUP Branding

MR. CUP rebranding was designed by Maria Aksyuta, a designer from Moscow, Russia. Maria wanted to give the coffee shop an urban image and to ‘refer to the aesthetics developed on the street’. The rebrand included new envelopes, letterheads, business cards, CD, app, aprons, sugar dispenser, coffee van and carrier bags.

Mr. Cup Coffee - flashing gif demonstrating the simplicity of the Mr. Cup coffee muf

Collage of Coffee Cup design for Mr. Cup - shows a brown paper bag, a coffee cup with 'Mr. Cup' written on it in yellow with a black background, and a business card for the owner

MR. CUP paper bag - branding has a massive 'MR. CUP' written on the bag in black with yellow and white background

MR. CUP stirrers come in a box that looks like matchsticks


Serbian designer, Mario Dragic, put together this gorgeous brand image for his local food-takeaway company Vanilla, in Bijelijina.

Vanilla packaging - quirky way to wrap up an individual coffee mug

group image of the brand image for Vanilla - menus, web design for tablet, business card and loyalty card

Coffee cup for Vanilla shows a dotted cup with a brown lid and label

Vanilla coffee shop packaging for pancakes - looks like a piece of bunting

Coffee Cup Mockup

Need a design for yourself? This cool and creative design is downloadable, courtesy of Graphic Soulz. The artwork has well-structured layers and folders for optimum customisation. Mix and match the lid colour and edit the text to personalise your coffee cup packaging.

Gif outlining the different colour the coffee cup mockup is available in

Still image of the lime green coffee cup - label around the packaging is in lime green, brown and orange with a badge reading 'stylish creative retro design'

Gif outlining the customisable options for the cool coffee cups

Stereotypical Coffee Cups

Young, Belarus-based graphic designer, Alex Litovka, was asked to create a series of beverage packages that were unique for his school project. The project was a big success and he has since been featured in many publications.

Image of 3 coffee cups next to each other - one looks like an English police officer, one looks like a Mexican wearing a Sombrero and the other is a Dutch lady wearing traditional clothes

Image of the first coffee cup - 'English Tea' is of an english police officer in his black uniform. The lid is of the police hat and the cup of the body

Second coffee cup - 'Mexican Coffee' - the hat is of an sombrero, the cup of of a moustache and a smile

3rd coffee cup is of a traditional dutch woman with a pointy, white hat and blonde plaits, with a busty cleavage

Gawatt Revolving Coffee Cups

Created by Backbone Branding with work featuring from art director Stepan Azaryan, graphic designer Karen Gevorgyan and animator Narin Manvelyan – Gawatt’s new coffee cup has a lid that when twisted, changes the face on your coffee container.

Gawatt's coffee - a demonstration of the characters and their different facial expressions on mugs


Turkish print designer, Atilla Karaby, cleverly created this packaging concept for your Starbucks needs. Ever been asked by your colleagues to do the coffee rounds and a sense of dread overcomes you as you realise you have to carry their precious beverages with little spillages? This packaging design makes carrying those pesky cups simple and hassle-free.

Graphic design representation of what Starbox concept will look like- the cardboard wraps up around 3 cups to form a easy-to-carry handle

Starbox packaging - an image showing you what it would look like before you wrap it up

Blue print outlining the key components to how the packaging design works


  1. I absolutely love the Vanilla design by the Croatian designer. It’s subtle, gentle and perfect for any cup of coffee. It’s great to see the designers these days extend the range to other accessorise too. Well done Mario Dragic.

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