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Trade show season is just around the corner, and as much as we’re all thinking about relaxing on the beach in the summer sunshine, business people are also turning their minds to preparing for exhibitions. Here are a few tips for making the most out of your exhibition stands, to help you get noticed in the veritable sea of booths. 

Designing Your Exhibition Stand

The key to any trade show booth is, of course, a killer display. Selecting the right style, colours, lighting and features can make or break your experience and either result in you being overlooked or drawing significant attention to your brand. A few points to keep in mind with regard to the design of your exhibition stand itself are:

  • Announce your product or service in a way that is clear and concise.
  • Explain and reach out to your market.
  • Promote your unique selling points.
  • Detail the benefits of doing business with you.
  • Reinforce your brand with a strong theme of familiar colours and branding.
  • Use large, vivid graphics instead of too much text.
  • Work from a primary focal point on the stand itself.
  • Have one strong, key message.

It’s also worth considering:

  • Exposing your price point (if appropriate for your industry.)
  • Using your stand to introduce key team members (again, if appropriate for your industry.)
  • Publishing endorsements and testimonials on your display.
  • Using bold colours to attract greater attention.

The floor at a busy modern trade show event.

Utilising Best Practices

As you’re having your physical exhibition stands and displays designed, there are a few other aspects to consider with regard to your overall trade show booth or event stall. It’s one thing to have materials printed for exhibiting, but another to be able to pull it all together for a display that is attractive and professional.

  • Think of it as a shop window. Your booth should feel welcoming and draw people to come take a peek “inside.”
  • Key your corporate image or brand in mind and stick to that feel. If your company typically uses specific colours, fonts and styles for other mediums – from your website to your business cards – then maintain continuity with your display.
  • Have massive ambitions, but not a massive budget. Your exhibition stands should be cost-effective and within your reasonable budget. The cost of participating in trade events can be dear, and small stands can work just as well as huge ones, when done right.
  • Experiment with lighting and mixed mediums to see how they can create atmosphere and potentially highlight or detract from your stands.
  • Test it out beforehand. Know the size of your booth and decide how to set your displays up before you arrive on the day of the event.
  • Engage visitors and allow for interaction time with the contacts you’ve got and new people you’ll meet. This is best accomplished by having several people working your stand.
  • Tell your friends! Spread the word and let the people in your life know what you’re doing so they can support you, share the event with their networks and generate some traffic at your exhibition.

Solopress roller banners compliment exhibition stands.

Taking Your Exhibit A Step Further

With the essentials covered for the design of your exhibition stands and the layout and purpose of your trade show display, you can expand on the basics and generate more ideas for making your exhibit successful and memorable. Get the most out of your efforts by drawing attention with the following suggestions:

  • Offer coffee and tea at your booth – it will attract visitors and spark conversation.
  • Designate a member of your team to live tweet the event, highlighting interesting stats, mentioning people you’ve met and commenting on what’s happening in general.
  • Set up a marker for visitors to “check in” at your display via your Facebook page – and consider some type of small prize or incentive for those who do. It’ll increase your reach online and offline at the same time.
  • Expand on your traditional displays by adding in videos or PowerPoint slides on a complementary screen.
  • Decorate your booth with flowers or plants for a welcoming feel.
  • Have samples of your products on hand for people to see and touch.
  • Print fresh, matching marketing literature such as brochures, postcards or business cards to complement your beautiful new exhibition stands.
  • Consider having all team members dress in coordinating (but not necessarily identical) outfits – particularly in colours that match your brand.

A modern trade show in Taiwan.

Preparing For A Trade Show?

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