Flat design – HD minimal Pokémon wallpapers and posters


The latest in the phenomenally popular Nintendo/Gamefreak Pokémon series is Pokémon X & Y released on 12th October, which sold 4 million copies worldwide in the first 2 days.

Not just popular in Japan, and not just played by children – the Pokémon game and anime series have an enormous fanbase. Whilst scouring the web for fan art of the new Generation VI Pokémon (the new generation of Pokémon brought the total number of unique Pokémon to 718), I found some amazing flat design Pokémon art by some talented fans.

Pokewalls: HD Pokémon Wallpapers by MapleRose


This Pikachu is female, as you can tell by the tail! If you enjoy Pokémon or play the game on DS with your kids (as any super awesome parent would), you’ll know that most Pokémon are gendered and some have slight differences in appearance.

These fantastic designs would look great as your mobile device’s wallpaper background OR as a kid’s bedroom poster. (Or a grown-up’s bedroom poster, because I would totally frame a Pokémon.)

Pichu Phone Wallpaper!


Arcanine Framed Poster

(Recommended 170gsm Bond Posters, Landscape)


PLDH Net: Minimalist Pokémon Wallpapers by TopHat

The owner of PLDH Net has completed his collection of flat design minimalist Pokémon wallpapers, again these would look amazing on a device. My phone currently has this eevee evolutions wallpaper on display (http://eevee.ocremix.org Kevin Villecco)




























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  1. I’ve just introduced my twin boys to the world of Pokemon. These would look great as a poster on their wall. They dont really have a favourite yet although Pancham looks cute x

  2. These look really nice! 🙂 I guess my readers on my pokemon blog need to be informed about something like this 🙂 Like the jigglypuff one the most. So simple yet so beautiful 🙂 Regards, a long time pokemon fan and blogger 🙂

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