How to create a branded World Cup 2022 Wall Chart

World Cup 2022 Wall Chart

Football fever is reaching boiling point as the Qatar World Cup is under a month away! This Winter’s tournament begs to be a whirlwind of world-class performances. Unless you have a sixth sense with eyes in the back of your head, you and your customers will need a World Cup 2022 Wall Chart to stay on the ball as the competition unfolds. 

Our free downloadable easy-to-use template gives you the opportunity to add your own logo and print a Branded World Cup Wall Chart that gets you off the bench and into the game. 

Why a Wall Chart? 

Wall Charts are the ultimate way to keep track of who’s playing who, when games are being played and the all-important final score lines. This print not only builds excitement but also offers a wonderfully useful item to stay on top of the hectic fixture schedule.  

FIFA have created their own 2022 World Cup chart, however, plenty of brands create their own branded version to keep their names in contention. 

Displaying your brand throughout the tournament has many benefits! 

Branded Wall Planners: 

  • Keep your brand on target throughout the tournament. 
  • Put your customers in possession of the best way to keep up with the final scores. 
  • Gives your customers a special piece of memorabilia to treasure with your name on. 

While FIFA owns specific rights such as their logo and image of the trophy, other businesses remain in free space and unmarked when it comes to creating their own branded Planners. 

How to personalise your template? 

Brands should make their World Cup 2022 Wall Charts: 

  • Accurate – So your Wall Chart is specific to Qatar 2022 with relevant games. 
  • Attractive – To make your brand shine
  • Engaging – So your customers can easily update their Wall Chart 
  • Clear – So it’s obvious what to add to the design and where. 
  • Appropriately sized – To allow customers enough room to add score lines. 

What features to include in a World Cup 2022 Wall Chart? 

Essential things to include: 

  • Games (group stages, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, third place & the final!) 
  • Space to enter teams and results 

Optional things to include: 

  • Golden ball 
  • Golden boot 
  • Golden glove 
  • Team of the tournament 
  • The stadium of each match 

Where can I download my free template? 

If you want to design a branded World Cup Wall Chart, download our free template below. 

Click here to apply your branding in Adobe Illustrator. 


Click here to design your Wall Chart in Adobe InDesign.