Customer Stories: Silvia Coletto, Paid Ads School

Google Ads

Customer Stories: Google Ads expert

Google Ads is a daunting place for some. For others, it’s a playground.

Knowing where all the toys are and which ones to play with can help you turn this space into your playground, elevating your business to extraordinary heights as a result.

Our customer, Silvia Coletto of Paid Ads School, is an expert in this field and empowers businesses through paid ads on Google.

We spoke to her to find out more about Google Advertising and why incorporating print along with your online marketing is imperative for every business.

Need help with paid ads?

Silvia moved from Italy to England in 2014. She’s an expert in paid advertising and specifically works on search engine marketing, as well as consulting on how to optimise paid ads for the best returns.

On top of this, Silvia gives business talks and is the author of ‘Are You Ready For Paid Ads: How to get your business ready for massive growth’.

She is particularly passionate about working with business-to-business (B2B) companies and Nonprofits.

As a PPC expert, Silvia not only gets her clients started with paid ads but also provides training so they can unlock Google’s full potential for their business.

With experience managing clients of all sizes, she has managed several million pounds in advertising spend across a multitude of industries, regularly exceeding client expectations in the process.

Not all heroes wear capes

Working so closely with their product or service can leave many companies out of their comfort zone with digital marketing. As a result, many people don’t know where to start when marketing their brand online.

That’s where experts like Silvia come into their own.

She said: “I speak to business owners with no background in digital advertising and show them what role advertising plays for the company.

“I work with small and medium-sized businesses who have lost money on paid ads previously. As a result, I find many of my clients are now scared to try it again. It’s my job to figure out why it didn’t work in the past. Then I make adjustments so that my clients can harness the power that paid ads can give them.”

Some companies give up on PPC prematurely. Others have inflated expectations of what to expect from their digital marketing campaigns.

Silvia emphasises that: “Google Ads are just one of many cogs in the machine that businesses need to learn how to master.

She adds: “Many companies think that Google Ads is like a magic bullet. As a result, many small to medium businesses use a poor strategy and lose money through ad campaigns, so become scared to try it again.”

Depending on their situation at any given time, businesses should prioritise the goals they wish to target.

Silvia argues: “Start-ups with investment would find paid ads highly beneficial from the get-go as they have an allocated budget to spend. Start-ups without investment would probably struggle to find the funds, and there will likely be other things higher on the priority list at that stage.

“However, without proper tracking, you won’t see the proof of results either way.”

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid platform that broadcasts your business to the online world in a variety of different ways. This is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model that essentially allows companies to purchase visits to their website.

How it works is simple.

Users type in keywords and relevant queries come up at the top of the search page.

For example, you want to search for Flyer and Leaflet printing.

Harnessing Google’s global audience is integral to growing your brand online.

Paid ads offer one of the most common methods for online growth. Some of its key benefits include:

●       Google’s enormous reach

●       Targeted intent

●       Leapfrogging organic results

●       Gain greater conversions

The power of print in a digital world

In an increasingly digital world, harnessing the power of print can take your brand to the next level.

Furthermore, combining digital marketing with print advertising has proven to be a winning recipe. From experience, Silvia told us the importance of using physical print in the digital sphere:

“It’s not an either-or with print and digital. They both have their own specific purposes which makes them both highly important.

“I would 100% never dismiss print.”

Many companies are tempted to go paperless, in an effort to boost their eco-credentials. In doing so, however, many fail to consider three important factors: the environmental impact of hosting data online; the sustainable nature of most modern print; and the effectiveness of physical media in the real world.

Silvia trialled going paperless through digital Business Cards but saw the downsides of not having physical handouts when she attended conferences.

“Nothing can replace a Business Card. Digital Cards get lost on people as it forces them to search for your details. Whereas printed Business Cards and your details are physically in their hands.

“At each conference I attend, every single person would always ask ‘Do you have a Business Card?’”

Silvia’s beautifully designed Business Cards now combine print and digital. Her artwork includes a QR code which sends people to her digital Business Card, where they can view her book, blog or competitions.

Printing for conferences

Conferences offer a huge chance for businesses to show off their credentials and print provides the perfect platform.

Silvia’s conference arsenal includes a wide selection of Pull Up Banners, Business Cards and A6 Flyers. Banners provide a brilliant place to add eye-catching visuals or further information, while Flyers and Business Cards are the perfect handouts for people to take home with them.

“If print wasn’t a thing, then conferences would become so much harder.

“I put QR codes on my Pull Up Banners and Business Cards. Lots of people scan these codes while I’m talking and it gives them plenty of options to take in my information.

“Without print, they wouldn’t be able to access my digital Business Cards instantly!”

Solopress deliver!

We’re proud that our customers love their products so much that they want to shout about us.

Silvia was particularly impressed with the turnaround times, quality of print and ease of ordering on our website.

“If you need anything printed fast and at a reasonable price, I’d thoroughly recommend Solopress. You can’t fault them for anything.

“Their user experience on the website is a dream come true for anyone who’s ever struggled with online printing before.

“I’m not going to use anyone else!”

If you’re looking for a reliable company to deliver your printed goods, we’re proud to be the most trusted printing company in the UK and will be delighted to take your brand to the next level.