Stand out quirky exhibition stands and booths

Quirky exhibition stand that makes you step through a swirling timescale
Contagio Criação Exhibition Stand

So you’re featuring your business at an exhibit and want your exhibition booth to, quite literally, stand out? Take some advice, get some ideas and be inspired from these whacky and quirky exhibition stands.

The perfect exhibition stand showcases all business has to offer. It sets a precedence and creates your ideal profile of your brand. An eye-catching exhibition booth can entice consumers to you and create qualified leads that convert into profits. These professionals truly grabbed the essence of effective marketing with these fantastic examples.

Photo of Cadbury's exhibition stand shaped like one of their products - the 'pot of joy'
Cadbury ‘Pots Of Joy’ Exhibition Booth
Quirky exhibition stand that makes you step through a swirling timescale
Contagio Criação Exhibition Stand
Quirky exhibition stand by Nokia
Nokia Exhibition Stand
Quirky and original exhibition stand with curve
Exhibition Booth Designed By Amornwat Osodprasit
multi-storey exhibition booth by Hermes during Milan Design Week 2013
Hermes Booth During Best Of Milan Design Week 2013
Quirky Roche exhibition stand has red carpeting, red high chairs and a green banner
Roche Exhibition Stand
Krit Stand by IDEA
Krit Stand by IDEA
Investec exhibition stand swirls round and has an image throughout it that looks like an ocean and you sit on a surfboard
Investec Exhibition Stand at PSG 2013 By XZIBIT
T Mobile's exhibition stand features a pixelated tree and its pixelated leaves as seats
Exhibition Set-Up for T Mobile
Astound exhibition booth featured the flooring seemingly peeling back revealing text that reads 'exhibiting brand supremacy'
‘Turn The Page in Your Exhibit Thinking’ Astound Group Exhibition Booth In Las Vegas
Ciloo exhibition stand
Ciloo Exhibit
Warner Brothers Exhibit in 2009
Warner Brothers Exhibit In 2009
Striking exhibition stand by Audi shows a cone of light with Audi's premium cars
‘Cone Of Light’ Audi’s Exhibit During The Consumer Electronics Show in 2013, Las Vegas
Exhibition stands made to look like jellyfish
Jellyfish Pavilions Booths
Quirky ultra-blue and black 'champagne and jubugo' exhibition stand has sharp lines and modern, white interior
‘Champagne & Jabugo’ Exhibition Stand By Silvan Francisco
Panerai Exhibition Booth
Panerai Exhibition Booth

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  1. Lindsey,
    I can see where you’re coming from when it comes to Ciloo. I think it would be more impressive in real life, as the picture doesn’t quite communicate enough. I thing the Audi one is very ‘to the point.’

  2. I would want to find out more about all of these, so they are doing their job. The Jellyfish one is a bit off-putting though, but I guess thats just great marketing again to fire my imagination so much! The Ciloo Exhibit is particularly inviting, but I would appreciate the Panerai Exhibition Booth much more from one floor up, looking down.

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