Tips for creating outstanding roller banners

In the heat of summer, it’s tough to consider that autumn is just around the corner – and with it, trade show season. Preparing well in advance will ease the stress as events draw near, and one aspect that can be planned in advance is designing and ordering a roller banner. Here are a few ideas for getting the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to your displays.

Roller Banners

Determine Your Budget

Before you decide to have your roller banners designed and printed, it’s essential to consider how much you can afford to spend. Often, it’s a matter of striking a balance between not over-spending and still investing in the highest quality product available within your price range.

A worthwhile consideration to make with regards to cost is how long cheap roller banners will last versus their more luxurious counterparts. If you can afford to invest more initially, you’ll discover that a higher quality product will last long and thus, cost less over time. A budget item may have a more palatable price tag, but if it has to be replaced twice as fast, it’ll end up being more expensive in the long run.

One further note is that trade shows and business fairs can be rough on products like Roller Banners. They get tossed in the backs of cars or on airplanes, lugged around from city to city, opened and closed repeatedly and may potentially be tugged on, knocked over or touched during each event. With this in mind, buying the best one possible is never a bad idea.

Cover The Basics

Before you start worrying about the design and what to include on your roller banners, consider these points that are essential for any trade show booth:

  • You have only one chance to make a great first impression with your roller banners and other display materials.
  • Trade show display items should make visitors to your booth instantly aware of your brand.
  • Everything you show off should inform consumers of your products or services.

Go For Familiarity

Brand awareness takes time to establish, and it can be a challenge to make a switch should your company ever consider going through a period of redesign. If your company has an established set of colours, fonts and styles used for your materials – from packaging and website through to brochures and business cards – then roller banners shouldn’t deviate from that branding. Before you jump to place an order, consider how you’ll make your business’s style formatting work in this instance. If you’re finding it overwhelming, consider working with a designer who can offer you well-informed advice and ideas.

Draw Attention

In addition to sticking with your brand’s existing colours and style, the eye-catching design of your roller banner should likely include the company logo and striking images. A memorable display that still falls in line with your existing materials will help increase awareness of your brand.

Solopress quick roll banner roller banners

Make A Statement

While it’s a great idea to make vivid images the focal point of your roller banners, great text shouldn’t be overlooked. The written content on each banner should convey your company ethos and incorporate any existing company strapline or motto. In addition, it should also be witty, engaging and prompt conversation with visitors to your display. As you craft your write up, consider the goals, objectives and purpose both of your business and your presence at the trade show.

Roll It Up

Once you plan both the style and content of the roller banners themselves and the overall look of your display, you’ll be ready to consider the other aspects of your trade show experience, namely contests, outreach, team scheduling and so forth, confident that your booth is a professional and accurate representation of your company.