PEZ artwork ‘Distroys’ Disney, The Simpsons and other cartoons

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story destroyed. Inside his helmet is a space city building around his face and his suit is graffiti'd on

For those who find the likes of Disney, Donald Duck, The Simpsons, South Park or Super Mario Brothers very annoying is going to love what PEZ Artwork have done to these popular television shows’ best loved characters. 

We suspect that graphic designer Pierre-Yves Riveau (AKA PEZ Artwork), who created these sketches, probably has some deep, disturbing memories to want to ‘distroy’ Disney, Donald DuckSouth Park and Super Mario Brothers. But – who are we to judge when the following artwork is actually quite exceptional to look at?

In an interview with Mashable, PEZ claimed he wanted to apply his graphic style to world-renowned cartoons. He mashed together graffiti art with pop culture to create these bordering-on-disturbing sketches.

Graphic design adaptation of Disney's logo in black and white - looking battered and beaten and changed to say 'distroy'

Sketch of the 'destroy Disney' logo

Graphic artwork sketch of Mickey Mouse in black and white on sketchpad with exposed muscle on his face and exposed skull

Close up photo of Mickey Mouse sketch with broken flesh and open skull

Graphic artwork created with lead pencil of Homer Simpson with an open skull made of Duff bear

Close up sketch of Homer Simpson with his Duff brain and crackled skin

Sketch of Bart Simpson from The Simpsons ripping his over face from his skull and revealing loads of little mites in his brain

Close up of the Bart Simpson drawing revealing the detail that went into his pulled-out eye sockets

Graphic artwork created using lead pencil on sketchpad of Donald Duck with exposed muscles and cut off head

Close up of Donald Duck with no eyes (except pupils) and cracked skull

Artwork created on sketchpad of the character Kenny from South Park with broken masts as wings and veins coming out of his eye sockets

Close up of Kenny artwork sketch

Sketch of a less-than happy-looking Mario from Super Mario Brothers with a tortoise shell as a hat, little Toad heads coming out of his eyes and skin made of brick

Close up of Mario from Super Mario Brother sketch on pad

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story destroyed. Inside his helmet is a space city building around his face and his suit is graffiti'd on

Close up of Buzz Lightyear sketch

Coloured-in graphic design drawing of Krusty The Clown from The Simpsons with 1 gold tooth and shirt made of money

Krusty The Clown artwork on a 'wanted' springfield police department sheet

Homer Simpson Duff Beer sketch coloured in and hung up on wall in gold frame

Bender from Futurama graphic artwork coloured in - Bender is holding a baby robot drinking from a beer bottle, smoking a cigar

Tweety Bird artwork made by PEZ Artwork with Sylvester in a bird cage in its head

About PEZ Artwork

The illustrator behind PEZ Artwork is called Pierre-Yves Riveau, based in Nantes, France. He has been featured in many galleries with some of his latest creations on display at the Bottleneck Gallery, New York. He has had much interest from the media – featuring in The Source Magazine, Le Journal Du Design and Mashable.

In a deep and meaningful interview with the National Art Society, PEZ describes his art as ‘art for advertisement’. He claims his creations are drawn upon inspiration from dreams, everyday life, cinema and of materials and patterns.

In explaining why his art often featured distorted characters, PEZ said,

“I wish to stop, to pause the movement and gravity of a decomposing body and of time passing by through dreamlike images. I aim at depicting the passage from a state of reality (meaning life) to an abstract shape (death), though my work should remain visually enjoyable and optimistic in terms of emotion.”


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